Marant Etoile fashion clothing

Marant Etoile by Isabel Marant

Isabel Marant, a renowned French fashion designer, launched the more casual and affordable line, Isabel Marant Étoile, in 2000. The brand is known for its bohemian aesthetic and commitment to sustainability. Here are some key points about Marant Etoile:

Marant Etoile fashion
Marant Etoile fashion clothing
  • Designer’s background: Isabel Marant, with her unique blend of minimalism and bohemian chic, has carved a niche for herself in the fashion industry. Her first independent collection came out in 1995, and her success led to the creation of the Isabel Marant Étoile line.
  • Casual and affordable: Isabel Marant Étoile offers a more relaxed and affordable take on the designer’s signature style. The line focuses on everyday wearability without compromising on the brand’s distinctive aesthetic.
  • Brand expansion: Over time, the brand has expanded beyond women’s clothing to include men’s apparel, accessories, and eyewear. This diversified portfolio allows the brand to cater to a wider audience while maintaining its design integrity.
  • Sustainability commitment: Isabel Marant is committed to using sustainable materials in her collections. The brand aims to achieve a 65% rate of sustainable materials by 2024, reflecting a conscious effort to reduce environmental impact.
  • Ethical standards: The brand conducts social audits in its manufacturing facilities to ensure ethical standards are met. This demonstrates a commitment to responsible sourcing and fair labor practices.
  • Collaborations: Isabel Marant has collaborated with prominent brands like H&M and L’Oréal for special collections. These collaborations have further bolstered the brand’s reputation and reach.
  • Awards and recognition: Isabel Marant’s innovative designs and commitment to quality have earned the brand several awards. It also enjoys popularity among celebrities, adding to its global appeal.
  • Isabel Marant Étoile: This line represents Isabel Marant’s vision of effortless Parisian style. It balances comfort with chic, offering items that are easy to wear but still make a sartorial statement.

In conclusion, Isabel Marant Étoile is a reflection of Isabel Marant’s commitment to accessible, sustainable fashion. The brand combines casual comfort with high-fashion aesthetics, making it a popular choice for those seeking everyday luxury.

Buy Marant Etoile clothes at Twiggy

Twiggy is a renowned boutique store nestled in Ghent, Belgium. It offers a wide array of fashionable clothing for women, including the stylish and wearable clothes from Marant Etoile. Known for their bohemian touch and chic aesthetics, Marant Etoile has become a preferred choice for many fashion enthusiasts. Twiggy allows you to explore and purchase these pieces either through their online webshop or by visiting their physical store in Ghent.

Marant Etoile at Twiggy

The Marant Etoile collection at Twiggy is an embodiment of style and sophistication. From everyday casual wear to more formal attire, the range is versatile and caters to different fashion preferences. The collection maintains the unique Marant Etoile aesthetic, blending bohemian influences with contemporary design. The pieces are characterized by their distinctive prints, soft draping, and attention to detail, making them a standout choice in any wardrobe.

Wide Range of Clothing

At Twiggy, the Marant Etoile collection spans across a wide range of clothing. Whether you’re looking for comfortable jeans, chic blouses, or stylish dresses, you’ll find it all here. Each piece is designed keeping in mind the brand’s commitment to quality and style, ensuring that you’re not just buying clothes, but a lifestyle. The wide selection ensures that there’s something for everyone, regardless of their style preferences.

Quality and Style

Marant Etoile is synonymous with quality and style, and this is evident in the collection available at Twiggy. Each piece is crafted meticulously, reflecting superior craftsmanship and an eye for detail. The materials used are high-quality, ensuring durability and comfort. Additionally, the designs are trendy yet timeless, embodying the unique blend of bohemian and modern aesthetics that Marant Etoile is known for.

Personalized Shopping Experience

Shopping at Twiggy is not just about buying clothes; it’s about the experience. The store offers a personalized shopping experience where you can book private appointments with a stylist. This allows for a more tailored shopping session, helping you choose the best Marant Etoile pieces that suit your style and fit preferences. Whether you’re shopping in-store or online, Twiggy ensures that your shopping experience is seamless and enjoyable.

International Shipping

For customers who can’t make it to their physical store in Ghent, Twiggy offers international shipping. This means you can browse and purchase your favorite Marant Etoile clothes from the comfort of your home, no matter where you are in the world. The store ensures a reliable and efficient shipping process, so you can enjoy your new clothes without any hassle.

Expert Styling Advice

Twiggy doesn’t just sell clothes; they offer expert styling advice too. Their team of experienced stylists can provide recommendations and tips on how to style your Marant Etoile pieces. Whether you need help with sizing or are looking for advice on how to put together an outfit, the Twiggy team is ready to assist. They ensure that you not only buy the clothes you love but also wear them in a way that enhances your style.

Marant Etoile fashion clothing
Marant Etoile fashion clothing

Marant Etoile fashion clothing for women

Isabel Marant Étoile is an esteemed offshoot of the Isabel Marant brand, offering a range of fashion-forward clothing for women. The line is celebrated for its more casual and affordable ready-to-wear pieces that effortlessly blend timeless elegance with a bohemian aesthetic. Inspired by Marant’s global travels, each piece is designed to fit seamlessly into the everyday lives of modern women.

  • Brand lineage: Isabel Marant Étoile is a fashion line under the Isabel Marant brand. This connection gives the Étoile line a strong foundation in the fashion industry, benefiting from the main brand’s established reputation.
  • Product spectrum: Offering more casual and affordable ready-to-wear pieces, the Étoile line caters to a wide demographic. Its products range from chic everyday wear to standout pieces for special occasions.
  • Design philosophy: The brand is known for its loose-fitting silhouettes and bohemian influences. These design elements contribute to the relaxed yet stylish aesthetic that the brand is celebrated for.
  • Inspiration sources: Isabel Marant’s collections are inspired by her travels around the world. This global influence lends a unique, eclectic touch to the designs, setting them apart from conventional fashion trends.
  • Material quality: The brand uses luxurious materials such as suede, cashmere, and leather. The use of these high-quality materials adds a touch of sophistication and luxury to each piece.
  • Practicality focus: Isabel Marant focuses on creating clothes for women’s real lives and everyday wear. This focus ensures the practicality and versatility of each piece, making them suitable for various occasions and activities.
  • Customer base: The brand has a loyal customer base and is popular among fashion-conscious women. This popularity attests to the brand’s ability to consistently deliver stylish, high-quality clothing.
  • Brand characteristics: Isabel Marant’s designs are characterized by a combination of effortless elegance and timeless class. This unique blend makes the brand a go-to choice for women seeking stylish, timeless wardrobe staples.

What materials does Marant Etoile use?

Marant Etoile is known for its sophisticated yet casual designs. The brand’s commitment to embracing a more responsible and sustainable path in fashion is significant. They aim to increase the use of sustainable materials in their collections and have set a goal to achieve a 65% rate of sustainable materials by 2024. Here is an exploration of the various materials used by Marant Etoile:

Low-impact materials

At the core of Marant Etoile’s sustainability initiatives is their commitment to using low-impact materials. These include organic, recycled, certified, and low-impact materials. These are selected due to their lower environmental impact, thereby promoting responsible sourcing and production practices within the industry. The brand’s dedication to these materials not only reduces their environmental footprint but also sets an example for other brands in the fashion industry.

Organic textiles

In addition to low-impact materials, Marant Etoile utilizes GOTS certified organic textiles. Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is a certification that guarantees the environmentally and socially responsible production of organic textiles. This ensures that the organic fibers used in Marant Etoile’s clothing are produced without harmful chemicals and meet strict environmental and social criteria throughout the supply chain.

Eco-responsible wool and mohair

Beyond organic textiles, Marant Etoile also uses wool and mohair certified by the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) and the Responsible Mohair Standard (RMS). These certifications ensure that the wool and mohair used in Marant Etoile’s collections come from farms where animal welfare is prioritized and responsible land management practices are followed. It guarantees that the materials are produced sustainably and ethically.

Responsible manufacturing

Marant Etoile goes beyond responsible sourcing and commits to responsible manufacturing as well. The brand conducts social audits in its manufacturing facilities to ensure compliance with ethical requirements. These audits, based on the standards of the Initiative for Compliance and Sustainability (ICS), ensure that Marant Etoile’s partners adhere to ethical requirements, promoting fair labor practices and the well-being of workers.

Reduced carbon emissions

Marant Etoile is also dedicated to reducing its carbon emissions at every stage of production. The brand calculates its carbon footprint annually and strives to minimize its environmental impact. This includes rethinking packaging strategies, opting for renewable energy sources, and choosing less polluting means of transportation. Through these initiatives, Marant Etoile demonstrates its commitment to a more sustainable future in fashion.

Marant Etoile’s use of sustainable materials and responsible manufacturing practices reflects its commitment to sustainability and responsible fashion. By setting high standards for itself, the brand not only reduces its own environmental impact but also leads the way for other brands in the industry.

Marant Etoile fashion clothing
Marant Etoile fashion clothing

What are the iconic pieces from Marant Etoile?

Isabel Marant Étoile is the diffusion line of the renowned Isabel Marant brand. Known for its casual, affordable ready-to-wear pieces, the Étoile line embodies a bohemian and tomboyish aesthetic that appeals to fashion-conscious individuals who value both style and comfort. Here are some of the iconic pieces that define the unique character of Marant Étoile.


These are a key part of the Marant Étoile repertoire. The jeans often come in loose-fitting silhouettes and relaxed tailoring, reflecting the brand’s commitment to comfortable yet stylish everyday wear.


Marant Étoile’s t-shirts are another iconic piece from the collection. They often feature bohemian elements like unique prints and embroidery, adding a distinctive touch to this wardrobe staple.


Sweaters from the Étoile line are known for their comfort and chic aesthetic. They embody the brand’s effortless style with their relaxed fit and unique details.


The blouses from Marant Étoile often feature loose-fitting silhouettes and unique details like prints and embroidery. They encapsulate the brand’s bohemian and tomboyish aesthetic.


Dresses from the Étoile line are synonymous with relaxed elegance. They often come in flowing silhouettes and feature prints, embodying the brand’s commitment to comfortable and stylish clothing.


Skirts from Marant Étoile are another iconic piece from the collection. Whether it’s a mini skirt with unique prints or a maxi skirt with a relaxed silhouette, these skirts reflect the brand’s bohemian spirit.


Jackets from the Étoile line are a testament to the brand’s commitment to relaxed tailoring. From bomber jackets to blazers, these pieces often include unique details and prints, adding a distinctive flair to any outfit.


Marant Étoile also offers a range of accessories, from shoes that reflect the brand’s laid-back style to bags that enhance any outfit with a touch of bohemian chic. These accessories perfectly complement the clothing items and complete the Marant Étoile look.