Marant Etoile dresses

What makes a Marant Etoile dress special?

Marant Etoile, an accessible line from the acclaimed Isabel Marant brand, is distinguished for its unique dresses that exude a casual yet sophisticated appeal. Here’s what makes them special:

Marant Etoile dresses
Marant Etoile dress
  • Casual elegance: Marant Etoile dresses encapsulate an effortless elegance that is hard to replicate. The brand’s emphasis on everyday wear means these dresses are as practical as they are stylish, offering a relaxed yet chic Parisian aesthetic.
  • Bohemian charm: One of the standout features of these dresses is their bohemian and tomboyish style. This distinct look, infused with feminine touches, gives Marant Etoile dresses a unique edge in the fashion world.
  • Real-life focus: Marant Etoile designs clothes with real women in mind. The dresses are created for everyday activities, ensuring they are comfortable and wearable, with loose-fitting silhouettes and soft details that enhance the wearer’s style.
  • Quirky detailing: The brand is known for its attention to detail. Every dress features unique and quirky details that add a touch of individuality and personality, making each piece a statement in its own right.
  • Premium materials: The quality of a Marant Etoile dress is evident in the materials used. The brand employs high-quality fabrics like suede, cashmere, and leather, ensuring each dress not only looks good but feels luxurious.
  • Comfort-driven design: The brand puts a significant emphasis on comfort. The dresses are designed to be easy to wear, with a focus on loose, airy silhouettes and soft, comfortable fabrics that make them ideal for daily wear.
  • Parisian chic: Finally, the Parisian aesthetic of Marant Etoile dresses sets them apart. This chic, understated style is a hallmark of the brand, offering a touch of French elegance that is both timeless and trendy.

In essence, a Marant Etoile dress stands out for its casual elegance, bohemian charm, real-life focus, quirky detailing, use of premium materials, versatility, comfort-driven design, and Parisian chic. These factors combine to create a dress that is not only fashionable but also practical and high-quality, perfectly embodying the brand’s ethos of creating clothes for women in real life.

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Our boutique store Twiggy offers shoppers an exclusive opportunity to explore and purchase Marant Etoile dresses. Isabel Marant’s Etoile collection, known for its chic and wearable designs, is beautifully showcased in this unique shopping environment. With three floors of retail space, Twiggy provides a diverse selection of these bohemian-inspired dresses.

Marant Etoile collection

Twiggy boasts a wide range of Marant Etoile dresses designed by Isabel Marant herself. Renowned for their relaxed silhouettes and bohemian influences, these dresses cater to those who value effortless elegance and timeless style. Customers can choose from a variety of styles, colors, and patterns, making it easy to find a perfect dress for any occasion.

Twiggy Boutique store

Located in Ghent, Belgium, Twiggy is a boutique store offering a unique shopping experience. With 450 m² of retail space spread over three floors, the store’s light and fresh interior creates an inviting atmosphere for customers. Twiggy carries a curated selection of clothing brands, with Marant Etoile being a prominent feature, ensuring customers can find fashionable and high-quality dresses.

Online shopping

Besides the physical store, Twiggy also offers an online webshop where customers can shop for Marant Etoile dresses and other clothing items. The online shop provides worldwide shipping, making the Marant Etoile collection accessible to customers from different locations. The user-friendly website offers a convenient way to browse and purchase dresses from the comfort of your own home.

Personalized shopping experience

At Twiggy, the shopping experience is personalized to meet individual customer needs. Customers have the option to book a private appointment for a one-on-one shopping experience with a stylist. This intimate session allows customers to explore the Marant Etoile collection and receive expert advice to build their wardrobe or find that special dress they are looking for.

High-quality and unique designs

Known for high-quality materials and unique designs, Marant Etoile dresses at Twiggy stand out. Isabel Marant combines comfort and style to create dresses that are fashionable and wearable. The dresses feature soft details, simple tailoring, and a relaxed vision, embodying a chic Parisian aesthetic. Customers are sure to find dresses that reflect their personality and style.

Contact information

For those interested in shopping Marant Etoile dresses at Twiggy, you can visit their website at or contact them directly at +32 (0) 9 223 95 66. The physical store is located at Notarisstraat 3, 9000 Gent, Belgium. Both in-store and online shopping options are available, giving customers flexibility and convenience.

Who designs Marant Etoile dresses?

Known for their distinct style and bohemian influences, Marant Etoile dresses are the product of a highly skilled designer’s creative vision.

  • Designer behind: Isabel Marant, the acclaimed French fashion designer, is the mastermind behind Marant Etoile dresses.
  • Brand origin: Isabel Marant established her namesake brand in 1994 and introduced the Marant Etoile line in 2000 as a more accessible and casual extension of her main collection.
  • Style distinction: The Marant Etoile dresses are celebrated for their relaxed silhouettes and strong bohemian influences, a testament to Isabel Marant’s unique design style.
  • Global influence: Drawing inspiration from her extensive travels around the globe, Isabel Marant infuses her designs with an eclectic mix of cultural references, making each Marant Etoile dress a unique piece.
  • Detailing aspects: Soft details, simple tailoring, and a relaxed Parisian aesthetic are key features of Marant Etoile dresses, reflecting Isabel Marant’s meticulous attention to detail.
  • Personal touch: In addition to her design skills, Isabel Marant brings a personal touch to her collections by trying on every piece herself to ensure the fit and style meet her exacting standards.
  • Affordable line: Compared to the main Isabel Marant collection, the Marant Etoile line offers more affordable yet equally stylish options, making it popular among a wider audience.

To conclude, Isabel Marant, with her distinctive design philosophy and meticulous attention to detail, is the creative force behind Marant Etoile dresses. Her commitment to creating wearable, fashionable, and unique clothing has made her creations a favorite among fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

Marant Etoile
Marant Etoile dress white

What materials are used in Marant Etoile dresses?

The Marant Etoile brand is synonymous with an eclectic mix of sophistication and bohemian style, which is reflected in the materials used to create their dresses. The quality and selection of materials are key to ensuring the comfort, durability, and luxurious feel that the brand is known for. Let’s explore the various materials that feature in Marant Etoile dresses.

Cotton usage in Marant Etoile dresses

Cotton, a versatile natural fiber, is frequently incorporated into Marant Etoile dresses. Its breathability and softness provide comfort, making cotton dresses suitable for diverse occasions. With cotton as a material, these dresses also offer the added advantage of being easy to care for.

Silk’s role in Marant Etoile dresses

Silk, known for its lustrous texture and elegant appeal, is another material often used in Marant Etoile dresses. Its draping and flowing qualities lend a feminine touch to the designs. Silk dresses embody luxury, enhancing the sophisticated aspect of the brand’s aesthetic.

Linen in Marant Etoile dresses

Linen, made from flax plant fibers, is a popular choice for creating relaxed, casual styles, particularly suited to warm weather. Its lightweight and breathable nature, coupled with a slightly textured appearance, adds to the bohemian charm of Marant Etoile dresses.

Viscose’s contribution to Marant Etoile dresses

Viscose, or rayon, is a semi-synthetic fabric derived from cellulose fibers. Its texture, which is soft and smooth like silk, brings versatility and a beautiful drape to the dresses. Viscose is a common feature in Marant Etoile collections due to these characteristics.

Wool in Marant Etoile dresses

Wool, a natural fiber celebrated for its insulation properties, is used in Marant Etoile dresses designed for colder seasons. These wool dresses strike a balance between comfort and style, making them perfect for staying cozy during winter months.

Polyester’s role in Marant Etoile dresses

Polyester, a synthetic fabric, is often blended with other materials in Marant Etoile dresses to enhance their durability and wrinkle resistance. Its use adds structure and longevity to the garments, ensuring that they retain their shape and appeal over time.

Leather’s presence in Marant Etoile dresses

Occasionally, Marant Etoile incorporates leather into their dresses to infuse a touch of edginess and sophistication. The unique texture and timeless appeal of leather dresses align well with the brand’s ethos, adding another dimension to their diverse collections.

The variety of materials used in Marant Etoile dresses, from natural fibers like cotton and wool to synthetic ones like polyester, and even luxurious fabrics like silk and leather, contribute to the brand’s distinctive blend of comfort, style, and practicality. Each material plays an integral role in shaping the Marant Etoile aesthetic, offering a unique feel and look to each dress.

Marant Etoile dress
Marant Etoile

What are the popular styles of Marant Etoile dresses?

Marant Etoile dresses are renowned for their unique and eclectic style, combining comfort with a distinct fashion-forward aesthetic. Here are some popular styles of Marant Etoile dresses:

Eclectic style

The hallmark of Marant Etoile’s dress designs lies in their eclectic style. This unique approach to fashion results in designs that are both distinctive and effortlessly chic.

Loose-fitting silhouettes

One of the key defining features of Marant Etoile dresses is their loose-fitting silhouettes. This design element embraces comfort without compromising on style, making these dresses a favorite among those who value both.

Bohemian influences

Echoing the freewheeling spirit of bohemian culture, Marant Etoile incorporates bohemian influences into their dress designs. From tassels to billowy sleeves, these elements lend a laid-back and artistic feel to the garments.

Feminine details

Marant Etoile dresses often feature feminine details such as lace, embroidery, and prints. These intricate additions serve to enhance the overall appeal of the dresses, adding a touch of elegance and femininity.

Versatile designs

A standout feature of Marant Etoile dresses is their versatility. They can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion, making them a practical choice for those seeking a wardrobe that can adapt to different situations.

Timeless designs

Marant Etoile designs its dresses to be timeless, transcending passing trends. This results in pieces that retain their relevance and style season after season.

Popularity among fashion-conscious women

Marant Etoile dresses have gained popularity among fashion-conscious women who appreciate the brand’s unique aesthetic. These women value the brand’s commitment to creating unique, high-quality garments that communicate a distinct sense of style.

The popularity of Marant Etoile dresses can be attributed to their unique design elements, high-quality materials, and timeless appeal. Whether you’re a fan of bohemian chic or prefer something more refined, Marant Etoile offers a variety of styles to cater to diverse fashion preferences.