Loulou Studio dress

What makes a Loulou Studio dress special for women?

Loulou Studio, under the creative direction of Chloé Harrouche, offers a unique take on women’s fashion with its timeless, thoughtful designs. The brand’s dresses are particularly noteworthy for their blend of comfort, detail, and structure. Here are some aspects that make Loulou Studio dresses special for women:

Loulou Studio dress
Loulou Studio dresses

Designer’s inspiration

Chloé Harrouche, the brand’s founder, draws inspiration from art, architecture, and the city of Paris in designing Loulou Studio dresses. This results in creations that are both aesthetically pleasing and culturally rich.

Timeless essentials

Loulou Studio dresses are designed to be timeless wardrobe essentials. Their blend of comfort, detail, and structure makes them versatile pieces suitable for various occasions and seasons.

Powerful collections

Each collection offers a bold and authentic take on the feminine silhouette. This authenticity is reflected in each dress, creating powerful statements that resonate with many women.

Integrity and freedom

Designed with integrity, honesty, and a sense of freedom, Loulou Studio dresses allow women to explore the forces of femininity truthfully. This design philosophy enhances the uniqueness of each piece.

Natural fabrics

The dresses are made from natural fabrics sourced carefully from Europe and Mongolia. This attention to detail ensures an organic feel and a high-quality finish.

Artisan collaboration

Loulou Studio collaborates with longstanding supplying partners and artisans in crafting their dresses. This commitment to high-quality production further elevates the value of each dress.

Soft armors

Characterized by their soft armors, Loulou Studio dresses provide women with intimate confidence. This unique feature enhances the wearer’s comfort and self-assurance.

Balance of contrasts

The brand designs dresses that highlight the ease and strength of the woman wearing them. They balance softness with power, minimalism with edginess, and femininity with a masculine touch, creating truly unique pieces.

A Loulou Studio dress is special due to the designer’s inspiration, their status as timeless essentials, the powerful collections they are part of, the integrity and freedom in their design, the use of natural fabrics, artisan collaboration, their characteristic soft armors, and balance of contrasts. These factors contribute to creating dresses that are not only stylish and comfortable but also embody a powerful and authentic representation of femininity.

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Twiggy’s Commitment to Fashion and Style

With over 25 years in the fashion industry, Twiggy has mastered the art of offering unique and comfortable styles that resonate with the modern woman. The store’s commitment to fashion extends beyond selling clothes; it aims to inspire and create a creative environment for its customers. With a curated selection of brands like Loulou Studio, Twiggy provides a wide array of stylish options for those looking to express their style.

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If you’re seeking to buy a Loulou Studio dress, Twiggy offers a diverse selection, personalized service, and a commitment to sustainable fashion. Whether you’re shopping in-store or online, Twiggy ensures a unique and stylish shopping experience.

How does Loulou Studio design their dresses?

Loulou Studio has become renowned for creating powerful collections that blend comfort, detail, and structure. This unique approach is particularly evident in the design of their dresses. Let’s delve into how Loulou Studio designs their dresses:

  • Creative vision: Chloé Harrouche, as the brand’s founder and creative director, steers the design process with her vision of creating powerful collections that balance comfort, detail, and structure. Her bold and authentic take on the feminine silhouette is a signature element of Loulou Studio’s dress designs.
  • Timeless essentials: Loulou Studio designs their dresses to be timeless wardrobe essentials, meaning they are created with longevity and versatility in mind. Their dresses are designed to transcend seasons and trends, making them a staple in any wardrobe.
  • Empowering design: The brand designs dresses that not only look good but also make the wearer feel good. Described as ‘soft armors’, these dresses are intended to give women intimate confidence, highlighting the strength and ease of the woman wearing them.
  • Natural fabrics: Loulou Studio uses natural fabrics sourced carefully from Europe and Mongolia in their dresses. This commitment to natural materials results in an organic feel to their garments, enhancing the comfort and appeal of each dress.
  • Attention to detail: Each dress from Loulou Studio is characterized by meticulous attention to detail. This focus ensures that every aspect of the dress, from the cut to the stitching, contributes to its overall aesthetic and quality.
  • Artisan collaboration: Loulou Studio collaborates with longstanding supplying partners and artisans in crafting their dresses. This collaborative effort ensures high-quality production and allows the brand to maintain its unique design ethos.
  • Soft yet powerful: Loulou Studio focuses on creating dresses that are soft yet powerful, minimal yet edgy. This balance between contrasting elements gives their dresses a distinctive appeal that sets them apart.
  • Feminine with a masculine touch: Another characteristic feature of Loulou Studio’s dress designs is the blending of feminine and masculine elements. This unique approach results in dresses that are versatile, modern, and effortlessly chic.

Loulou Studio designs their dresses through a blend of creative vision, timeless essentials, empowering design, use of natural fabrics, meticulous attention to detail, artisan collaboration, creating designs that are soft yet powerful, and blending feminine and masculine elements. The result is a collection of dresses that are not only stylish and comfortable but also sustainable and versatile, reflecting the brand’s commitment to quality and innovation.

Where are Loulou Studio dresses made?

Loulou Studio is a French fashion brand renowned for its minimalist and timeless clothing collections. The brand is dedicated to using high-quality materials while maintaining sustainable and ethical practices. In particular, their dress collections stand out for their unique blend of elegance and practicality. Here’s a detailed overview of the manufacturing process behind Loulou Studio dresses:

The Materials

Every Loulou Studio dress begins with the careful selection of materials. The brand is committed to sourcing high-quality, natural fabrics from Europe and Mongolia. These materials not only ensure the comfort and durability of the dresses but also contribute to the brand’s minimalist aesthetic.

The knitwear

Knitwear plays a significant role in Loulou Studio’s designs, especially in their dress collections. The brand sources its knitwear, including cashmere and merino wool, from Inner Mongolia, New Zealand, and Australia. This focus on quality knitwear ensures that the dresses are not only stylish but also warm and comfortable.


In addition to knitwear, Loulou Studio incorporates leather into some of their dress designs. The brand meticulously sources this material to ensure it meets their high standards of quality. The incorporation of leather adds an element of sophistication and edge to their dresses, aligning perfectly with the brand’s minimalist yet impactful aesthetic.


Poplin is another material prominently featured in Loulou Studio’s dress designs. Known for its lightweight and durable qualities, poplin provides a structured yet comfortable feel to the dresses. It’s an ideal choice for creating elegant dresses that are also practical for everyday wear.


Denim, a versatile and timeless material, is also utilized in some of Loulou Studio’s dress designs. The brand uses 100% organic cotton for their denim, reflecting their commitment to sustainable practices. Denim dresses from Loulou Studio are designed to be classic wardrobe staples, offering a balance of comfort and style.

The Manufacturing Workshops

The manufacturing of Loulou Studio dresses is carried out in carefully selected workshops. These workshops share the brand’s commitment to quality and sustainability. Here, skilled artisans bring the designs to life, ensuring every dress meets the high standards set by the brand.

From sourcing high-quality materials from around the world to manufacturing in workshops that uphold their values, each step in the process reflects Loulou Studio’s unwavering commitment to creating minimalist, timeless, and high-quality dresses.

Loulou Studio dress
Loulou Studio

The quality of a Loulou Studio dress

Loulou Studio, established by Chloé Harrouche in 2019, is renowned for its timeless, minimalist, and high-quality clothing. The brand’s dresses, like all their pieces, reflect a balanced blend of comfort, detail, and structure, mirroring an authentic take on feminine silhouettes. But what exactly contributes to the superior quality of a Loulou Studio dress?

  • Carefully sourced materials: Loulou Studio uses natural fabrics that are meticulously sourced from Europe or Mongolia. This ensures the organic feel and comfort of each dress.
  • Premium cashmere: The brand’s cashmere hails from Inner Mongolia and is OEKO TEX certified. This high-quality cashmere gives the dresses their signature softness and warmth.
  • Certified merino wool: Loulou Studio’s merino wool is sourced from New Zealand and Australia and is RWS certified. This commitment to quality wool results in dresses with a structured yet comfortable feel.
  • Ethical leather: The brand uses leather of animal origin that respects the best environmental practices proposed by the Leather Working Group. This incorporation of leather adds an edge of sophistication to their dresses.
  • Certified cotton poplin: The brand’s cotton poplin is OEKO TEX certified and Better Cotton Initiative certified. Known for its lightweight and durable qualities, cotton poplin lends a structured yet comfortable feel to the dresses.
  • Organic denim: Loulou Studio’s denim capsule is made of 100% organic cotton. Their denim dresses, designed to be classic wardrobe staples, strike a balance between comfort and style.
  • Sustainable packaging: In line with their eco-responsibility, Loulou Studio reduces plastic use in packaging and employs FSC certified paper for bags and boxes. This environmentally-conscious approach extends to all aspects of their operations, including dress production.
  • Ethical manufacturing: Upholding high standards, Loulou Studio ensures ethical and safe working conditions for its employees and manufacturing partners. Collaborating with longstanding supply partners and artisans, every dress meets the quality standards set by the brand.

The quality of a Loulou Studio dress is defined by the brand’s focus on material sourcing, sustainable practices, and ethical manufacturing. Each piece is a testament to their commitment to delivering timeless, comfortable, and high-quality wardrobe essentials.