Harris Wharf London clothing

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Buying online is a convenient way to buy Harris Wharf London clothing at home. Twiggy, a boutique in Ghent, Belgium, offers a wide selection of this brand’s items on their webshop. Here are some tips and insights for a smooth shopping experience:

Harris Wharf London clothing
Harris Wharf London clothing
  • Understand the brand: Harris Wharf London is a modern clothing brand that focuses mainly on outerwear. The brand is known for its high-quality fabrics such as felted wool and cashmere that are incorporated into stylish coats and blazers.
  • Recognizing the signature style: Harris Wharf London’s designs have a “raw edge” finish and are unlined. This unique styling gives their outerwear a distinctive look that sets them apart from other brands.
  • Navigating the Twiggy online store: Twiggy’s online store is user-friendly and easy to navigate. You can find Harris Wharf London’s assortment under the ‘Brands’ heading.
  • Sizing and fit: Detailed product descriptions on Twiggy’s online store provide information about the fit and sizing of each garment. This can help you choose the right size for your Harris Wharf London purchase.
  • Check availability: Twiggy’s webshop offers real-time stock updates. This allows you to check the availability of your desired Harris Wharf London item in different sizes and colors.
  • Make an appointment for in-person shopping: If you prefer a personal shopping experience, Twiggy offers one-on-one appointments with a stylist. This can be especially helpful if you’re not sure which Harris Wharf London styles suit you best.
  • Global shipping: Twiggy ships its products worldwide. So no matter where you are, you can always enjoy Harris Wharf London’s stylish outerwear.
  • Contact Twiggy for questions: For any questions or concerns, you can contact Twiggy. Their staff is knowledgeable about the brands they carry and can guide you through your Harris Wharf London purchase.

Remember, buying online should be a stress-free experience. Take the time to explore the range of Harris Wharf London on Twiggy’s webshop, read the product descriptions carefully and don’t hesitate to contact the team at Twiggy for help.

What makes Harris Wharf London clothes special?

Harris Wharf London stands out in the fashion industry for its commitment to high-quality fabrics, timeless designs and durability. The brand’s unique characteristics extend from their design philosophy to their manufacturing process, making their clothing truly special.

  • High-quality fabrics and timeless design: One of the most important aspects that set Harris Wharf London’s clothing apart is their dedication to using high-quality fabrics. They carefully choose first-hand durable materials that meet their strict standards for quality and durability. Moreover, the brand’s commitment to timeless designs ensures that their garments can be worn for many years without going out of style, which is a sustainable choice for consumers.
  • Raw finish and unlined outerwear: Another unique feature of Harris Wharf London’s clothing is the “raw edge” finish of their outerwear. This design detail, where the edge of the fabric is left raw with no hem or stitching, adds a modern and youthful touch to their coats and jackets. Moreover, their outerwear is unlined, reflecting their minimalist and effortless approach to traditional tailoring.
  • Sustainability and environmental awareness: Harris Wharf London is very committed to sustainability and environmental awareness. They select fabrics with sustainable characteristics, such as traceability and compliance with AZO and Reach standards. They also use a digital cutting system to maximize fabric efficiency and minimize waste, while leftover fabric is recycled into new yarn, further reducing their carbon footprint.
  • Italian craftsmanship: Harris Wharf London takes immense pride in their Italian roots and craftsmanship. All of their jackets and blazers are produced in their family-owned factory in Turin, Italy, a region known for its attention to detail and quality in textile production. By continuing this tradition, Harris Wharf London guarantees a high level of quality in their clothing production.
  • Contemporary classic style: Harris Wharf London offers a contemporary take on classic styles. Their clothing collections feature minimal and understated designs, with an emphasis on clean lines and effortless silhouettes. This contemporary classic style makes their clothing versatile and suitable for a variety of occasions and reflects the brand’s understanding of modern fashion needs.
  • Family business: Harris Wharf London adds a personal touch to their brand and is a family business founded by siblings Giulia and Aldo Acchiardi. Their family’s history of textile craftsmanship and innovation is reflected in the brand’s commitment to quality and design. The Acchiardi siblings oversee all aspects of the company and ensure that each garment reflects their personal vision.

What materials does Harris Wharf London use?

Harris Wharf London is known for the high quality of materials used in its clothing collections. The brand goes to great lengths to ensure the quality and durability of the fabrics used in its clothing. Here is an in-depth look at the materials used by Harris Wharf London:

  • High-quality fabrics: Harris Wharf London makes every effort to use only first-hand, high-quality fabrics in their collections. These materials are chosen with care to ensure that they meet the brand’s expectations of durable properties.
  • Traceable fabrics: Accountability is an important part of Harris Wharf London’s ethos. Therefore, all fabrics used by the brand are traceable, meaning it is possible to know exactly where and how they were produced. This transparency helps ensure ethical manufacturing practices.
  • Compliance with standards: The fabrics used by Harris Wharf London comply with AZO and Reach standards. These are important rules in the textile industry that limit the use of certain harmful substances in clothing production.
  • Natural fabrics: The brand is committed to sustainability and therefore chooses natural fabrics that can be recycled. This choice reduces the environmental impact of their products and promotes a more circular economy in fashion.
  • Wool and cashmere: Harris Wharf London uses mainly wool and cashmere in their coats and blazers. Both materials are known for their warmth, softness and durability, making them ideal for high-quality outerwear.
  • Digital cutting: Harris Wharf London uses a digital cutting system to maximize the efficiency of the fabric. This technology allows the brand to reduce waste and get the most out of each piece of fabric.
  • Production to order: By producing clothing to order, Harris Wharf London minimizes residual inventory. This not only reduces waste, but also ensures that each garment is made with the utmost care and attention to detail.
  • Reuse of fabrics: All fabric waste generated by Harris Wharf London is sent to a specialized consortium for recycling. The waste is converted into new yarn, which can then be used to make new garments. This process underscores the brand’s commitment to sustainability and responsible manufacturing.

Does Harris Wharf London offer women’s coats?

Yes, Harris Wharf London does indeed offer a wide range of women’s coats. Known for its specialization in outerwear, the brand is especially known for its unique and minimalist style. These jackets are made of high-quality materials and have timeless designs that can be easily combined with a lot of outfits.

Brand background

Harris Wharf London is a modern clothing brand founded in 2010 by siblings Giulia and Aldo Acchiardi. The brand originated in London, where the founders received their education. It is named after the area where they lived when they lived there. However, Harris Wharf London’s roots reach back to Turin, Italy, where their great-grandfather once ran a glove factory. Today, all of the brand’s coats and jackets are still produced in Turin and benefit from the city’s famous craftsmanship.

Coat collection

Harris Wharf London’s coat collection is known for its beautiful materials and simplistic style. The collection includes coats and jackets made from different types of felted wool and cashmere. The palette ranges from neutral tones to slightly brighter hues and offers versatile styling options. A distinctive feature of these jackets is the “raw edge” finish, where the fabric edge is left raw, giving a contemporary touch to traditional tailoring.

Quality and craftsmanship

Harris Wharf London places a strong emphasis on high-quality materials and traditional Italian manufacturing techniques. All fabrics used by the brand come from Italy and the collections are produced in their own factory in Turin. Each piece is carefully crafted to ensure durability and longevity, making these jackets a valuable addition to any wardrobe.


The popularity of Harris Wharf London jackets among lovers of understated luxury is growing. The brand is now recognized worldwide and can be found in high-end stores, concept stores and department stores around the world. In addition to their own multi-brand store in London, Harris Wharf London’s collections are also available at several other retailers.

Functionality and design

The coats designed by Harris Wharf London offer both functionality and style. The brand offers perfectly fitting in-between coats or overcoats that can be worn year-round. The designs are characterized by their timeless appeal and classic silhouettes. The unlined outerwear with raw edges offers an effortless take on traditional cuts and shapes.


Harris Wharf London is committed to sustainable practices throughout the production process. The brand carefully selects high-quality fabrics that meet sustainable criteria, including traceability and compliance with environmental standards. They use a digital cutting system to maximize fabric efficiency and minimize waste. All excess fabric is sent to a specialized consortium to be recycled into new yarn, reflecting the brand’s responsible approach to waste management.

Where can you find Harris Wharf London?

Harris Wharf London’s collections, including their women’s coats, can be found at a variety of retailers. You can visit physical stores or explore online stores to discover the range of Harris Wharf London coats.

Are Harris Wharf London clothes sustainable?

Harris Wharf London is a brand that has sustainability deeply embedded in its fashion production. This commitment to eco-consciousness is visible in various aspects of their operations, from the sourcing of materials to the production process.

  • Careful selection of materials: Harris Wharf London takes great care in choosing high-quality fabrics that meet their sustainability expectations. They prioritize traceability and natural fabrics that are AZO and Reach compliant, meaning they adhere to strict environmental and safety standards. These materials can also be recycled, further reducing waste.
  • Efficient use of fabric: The brand uses a digital cutting system to maximize fabric efficiency. This innovative approach helps reduce waste by ensuring that as much of the fabric as possible is used in making garments. Leftover fabric is not thrown away, but sent to a specialized consortium for recycling into new yarn.
  • Sustainable designs: Harris Wharf London aims to make clothing that will last for years. By using high-quality fabrics and timeless fits, they guarantee longevity and reduce the need for regular replacement. This approach not only provides value for customers, but also helps reduce resource consumption.
  • Localized production: All Harris Wharf London styles are produced in their family-owned factory in Turin, Italy. Keeping their production local allows them to closely monitor the production process and ensure it is in line with their sustainability goals.
  • Waste minimization: By producing to order, Harris Wharf London minimizes residual inventory and thus reduces waste. This approach also ensures that garment production is more in line with demand, leading to a more efficient use of resources.
  • Emphasis on timeless design: In a world where fast fashion trends dominate, Harris Wharf London emphasizes timeless design. They strive to create garments that can be worn for years and transcend seasonal trends. This approach encourages consumers to buy less but choose well, which supports a more sustainable approach to fashion.
  • Sustainable retail: In addition to manufacturing, Harris Wharf London is also committed to retail sustainability. They have their own multibrand store called WORKSHOP in London and have expanded their presence to concept stores and department stores worldwide. By making their high-quality sustainable outerwear more accessible, they are helping consumers make sustainable choices.

In short, Harris Wharf London’s commitment to sustainability is evident in every aspect of their operations, from the careful selection of materials and efficient manufacturing processes to their focus on longevity and sustainable sales practices.