Harris Wharf London clothing brand

What is Harris Wharf London?

Harris Wharf London is a contemporary outerwear brand that brings a modern touch to traditional tailoring. With a strong emphasis on durability and quality, the brand has made a name for itself in the fashion industry. Here we take a closer look at what makes Harris Wharf London unique:

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Harris Wharf London
  • Origins: Launched in 2010, Harris Wharf London is the brainchild of brothers Giulia and Aldo Acchiardi. Their family’s rich history of textile craftsmanship and innovation served as inspiration in creating this brand.
  • Location: The brand operates out of London, but all styles are produced at the family’s factory in Turin, Italy. This ensures strict control over the quality of their products.
  • Aesthetic Design: The collection is known for its unlined outerwear with raw edges and timeless fits. These designs put a youthful spin on traditional tailoring, making the brand stand out.
  • Material quality: Harris Wharf London uses high-quality materials for its products. The outerwear is primarily made of felted wool and cashmere, ensuring comfort and durability.
  • Focus on sustainability: The brand emphasizes sustainability in its operations. It carefully selects sustainable fabrics and uses a digital cutting system to minimize fabric waste.
  • Manufacturing approach: Harris Wharf London follows a production-to-order model. This approach helps reduce residual stocks and ensures that any waste created is recycled into new yarn, furthering their commitment to sustainability.
  • Assortment: The brand offers a range of coats and blazers. These are available in both neutral colors and brighter hues, giving customers a choice that suits their personal style.
  • Unique features: One of the distinguishing features of Harris Wharf London’s outerwear is the “raw edge” finish. The unlined nature of these garments showcases the brand’s innovative take on traditional tailoring.

Where is Harris Wharf London based?

Harris Wharf London is a renowned contemporary clothing brand founded in 2010 by siblings Acchiardi, Giulia and Aldo. The brand is primarily based in London, United Kingdom, where its story began. However, it has strong ties to Turin, Italy, where its products are made.

London – The birthplace of the brand

The story of Harris Wharf London begins in London, the city that inspired its founding. Giulia and Aldo Acchiardi moved to London for their studies and named their brand after where they lived. The brand was launched in the trendy district of Islington, where one of their multi-brand stores is still located. London’s dynamic, luxurious and modern fashion sense has been a major influence on the brand’s designs.

Turin – The center of production

Although the brand’s headquarters is in London, the production of Harris Wharf London’s collection takes place in a family-owned factory in Turin, Italy. This city’s rich history of textile craft and tradition plays a crucial role in the creation of the brand’s coats and jackets. It is a testament to the Acchiardi family’s legacy of textile innovation and craftsmanship, which are integral to the brand’s identity.

International presence

Harris Wharf London has managed to make a name for itself worldwide. Their jackets, known for classic designs and smart use of materials, are popular with people who appreciate subtle luxury. The brand’s success in London has allowed it to expand its reach internationally, with its products available in various high-end stores and concept stores around the world.

Workshop Shops

Harris Wharf London also has its own stores called Workshop. The first Workshop store opened in Camden Passage in London in 2009, in line with the launch of their first collection. Following the success of the brand, a second Workshop store was opened in Notting Hill. These stores offer customers a dedicated space to discover the brand’s unique outerwear designs.

Italian craftsmanship

The brand takes great pride in its Italian roots and the craftsmanship with which its designs are made. Harris Wharf London uses only high-quality Italian fabrics for its jackets and blazers. Manufacturing in Turin ensures that the brand maintains its dedication to traditional production techniques and meticulous attention to detail.

Unique design elements

Harris Wharf London is known for the distinctive “raw edge” finish of its outerwear. This design element, where the edges of the fabric are left raw without hems or stitching, adds a modern and minimalist touch to their coats and jackets. This unique approach to tailoring sets the brand apart in the fashion industry.

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When shopping for high-quality outerwear, the Twiggy boutique in Ghent, Belgium, is an excellent destination. They offer several brands, including the modern and stylish Harris Wharf London. Learn more about buying Harris Wharf London clothing at Twiggy here.

  • A wide selection: At Twiggy, you will find an extensive collection of Harris Wharf London clothing. Known for its focus on outerwear, the brand offers several options for jackets and blazers. Whether you’re looking for something casual or formal, the Harris Wharf London collection at Twiggy is sure to have something to suit your style.
  • High-quality fabrics: Harris Wharf London is known for using high-quality fabrics in their clothing line. When you shop at Twiggy, you can be confident that you are buying outerwear that is not only stylish, but also durable and comfortable.
  • Expert advice: Twiggy offers a one-on-one shopping experience with a stylist through private appointments. This means you can get expert advice on how best to style your Harris Wharf London garments so you look your best.
  • Ease of purchase: Twiggy has an online webshop, making it easy for customers worldwide to buy Harris Wharf London clothing. They ship their products worldwide, so you can enjoy high-quality outerwear wherever you are.
  • Physical store: If you prefer to store in person, Twiggy’s three-story boutique in Ghent, Belgium, is a must visit. Here you can see Harris Wharf London’s collection in person and try on several garments before making your purchase.
  • Interior brands: In addition to clothing, Twiggy also sells interior design brands. This means you can buy stylish home furnishings while you pick out your new Harris Wharf London outerwear.
  • Reliable contact information: Twiggy offers customers multiple ways to contact them, including email and phone. Whether you have a question about an item from Harris Wharf London or need help with your order, Twiggy’s customer service team is ready to help.

In conclusion, the Twiggy boutique offers a great shopping experience for those interested in Harris Wharf London clothing. Their wide selection, high-quality products, unique design elements and excellent customer service make them a top choice to store for this brand.

Women’s Collection of Harris Wharf London

Harris Wharf London is a renowned clothing brand known for its contemporary approach to women’s fashion. Specializing in outerwear, the brand combines traditional, classic designs with a modern twist. Each collection is made from high-quality fabrics and features timeless fits, positioning Harris Wharf London as a luxury brand with a unique aesthetic.

  • Jersey-focused collection: One of Harris Wharf London’s distinct collections is the jersey collection. This line features minimalist and understated designs with an emphasis on details with raw edges. The brand aims to create garments that are both fashionable and durable, with an emphasis on seasonal transitions and timeless designs.
  • Delicate designs: Another notable collection from Harris Wharf London is that featuring delicately designed coats and blazers. These pieces are made from different types of felted wool and cashmere, with a palette that ranges from neutral to vibrant colors. The outerwear in this collection is finished with a raw edge, adding a youthful and modern touch to traditional tailoring.
  • Timeless lines: The brand also offers a collection that focuses on timeless lines of dresses and pants. These pieces feature feminine openwork effects such as cut yarn, a signature motif of the brand. The collection is designed to offer versatility, with garments that can be worn year-round and transition seamlessly between seasons.
  • Functionality and classic design: Harris Wharf London combines functionality and classic design in its women’s collection. The brand offers a range of wool overcoats and blazers, making them perfect transitional pieces. These designs are characterized by their raw-edge finish and are unlined, further highlighting the brand’s innovative take on traditional tailoring.
  • Bohemian-chic touch: The brand’s women’s collection also has a bohemian-chic touch. Known for their minimal style, these pieces can be effortlessly combined with different looks. The collection includes occasion wear and outerwear and offers a range of options for different styles and occasions.
  • Understated luxury: Harris Wharf London’s women’s collection is popular with those who like understated luxury. The brand’s coats often feature classic designs, cleverly combined with unique materials such as boiled wool for extra warmth and water resistance. The use of exclusive fabrics, such as Polar, underscores the brand’s commitment to luxury and quality.

What are the latest trends in Harris Wharf London?

Harris Wharf London, a contemporary clothing brand, is known for its high-quality fabrics and timeless cuts in outerwear. The brand’s goal is to create styles that last for years, while focusing on sustainability and reducing waste. Here are the latest trends in Harris Wharf London based on the information provided:

  • Emphasis on sustainability: In line with global fashion trends, Harris Wharf London places a strong emphasis on sustainability. This is evident in their choice of sustainable fabrics and their strategy of producing to order to minimize leftover stock.
  • High-quality fabrics: The brand continues to prioritize high-quality fabrics in their designs. This is in line with the trend that consumers increasingly value quality over quantity in their fashion choices.
  • Timeless fits: Harris Wharf London continues to focus on timeless fits. This is in response to the growing preference for classic, versatile pieces that can be worn for years, rather than fast-fashion items that quickly go out of style.
  • Digital cutting system: The use of a digital cutting system is a modern trend in the fashion industry. This technology reduces fabric waste and contributes to the brand’s sustainability efforts.
  • Unlined outerwear with raw edges: This design choice has become a signature of the brand and aligns with the trend toward more minimalist, unstructured styles in fashion.
  • Produce to order: This minimizes waste and aligns with the trend toward more personalized, made-to-order fashion.
  • Waste fabric recycling: Leftover fabric is recycled into new yarn, reflecting a growing trend in the fashion industry to find innovative ways to reduce and reuse waste.
  • Focus on outerwear: While many brands diversify their collections, Harris Wharf London stays true to its focus on outerwear. This can be seen as a response to the trend of specializing in one area to ensure high quality and expertise.

These trends show how Harris Wharf London is adapting to the changing fashion scene while staying true to its core values of quality, timeless style and durability.