Girls Of Dust clothing brand

What is the Girls Of Dust clothing brand?

Girls of Dust is a unique womenswear brand that emerged from the creative hub of Antwerp, Belgium. This distinctive brand has been making waves in the fashion world since its establishment in 2010.

Girls Of Dust clothing
Girls Of Dust clothing brand
  • Belgian beginnings: Girls of Dust was conceived in Antwerp, Belgium, a city renowned for its rich culture and fashion-forward thinking. The brand was launched as a female counterpart to the already-established Eat Dust clothing line.
  • Vintage vision: The brand’s aesthetic is heavily influenced by vintage workwear, military apparel, and iconic menswear. This inspiration is palpably present across their range, giving each piece a distinct, timeless feel.
  • Contemporary crafting: Despite drawing from past fashion trends, Girls of Dust places a strong emphasis on modern, contemporary cuts for women. This blend of old and new results in a unique style that sets the brand apart.
  • Timeless threads: Each collection curated by Girls of Dust is centered around key pieces designed to form the backbone of a timeless wardrobe. These essential items are crafted with versatility in mind, ensuring they can be mixed and matched across seasons and trends.
  • Seasonal surprises: While the core items remain consistent, Girls of Dust introduces several new pieces each season. This strategy keeps their collections fresh and up-to-date, while still retaining the brand’s signature style.
  • Fabric focus: A key feature of Girls of Dust is their use of high-quality fabrics, which are carefully sourced from Europe and Japan. This commitment to quality is evident in the look and feel of their garments.
  • Portuguese production: All Girls of Dust clothing is expertly crafted in Portugal. This commitment ensures that every piece meets the highest standards of quality and durability, reflecting the brand’s dedication to creating long-lasting, investment-worthy clothing.

Buy Girls Of Dust clothes at Twiggy

For those keen on adding a touch of Belgian style to their wardrobes, Twiggy and Girls of Dust offer a perfect blend. Twiggy, our boutique store in Ghent, Belgium, is a destination for fashion enthusiasts seeking unique brands like Girls of Dust. This article will provide an overview of Twiggy, Girls of Dust, and the shopping experience at Twiggy.

About Twiggy

Twiggy is not just a store; it’s a testament to quality and style. Located in Ghent, Belgium, the store spans three floors, each filled with carefully selected fashion pieces. Twiggy prides itself on its comfortable style and emphasis on quality, creating a unique shopping environment that caters to both men and women. The store carries a variety of clothing brands, with Girls of Dust being one of the featured labels.

About Girls of Dust

Hailing from Antwerp, another Belgian city known for its fashion scene, Girls of Dust is a womenswear brand that skillfully marries vintage workwear, military apparel, and iconic menswear influences to create contemporary women’s styles. The brand’s collection comprises timeless wardrobe essentials, with core items reappearing in different qualities each season. Girls of Dust is dedicated to quality and durability, sourcing fabrics from Europe and Japan and crafting them in Portugal.

Buying Girls of Dust Clothes at Twiggy

Twiggy offers an extensive range of Girls of Dust clothing for those looking to incorporate the brand’s aesthetic into their wardrobes. From trousers, jackets, parkas, shirts, overalls, to skirts, there is something for everyone. The selection reflects the brand’s commitment to high-quality, timeless pieces. Shoppers can explore this curated collection both at Twiggy’s physical store in Ghent and through their online webshop.

Twiggy’s Commitment

Twiggy’s commitment to offering a unique shopping experience is clear in its curated selection of clothing and interior design brands. The store values individual style over fleeting trends and seeks to create a space where customers can find pieces that resonate with them. Twiggy’s commitment to ethical products and sustainability echoes Girls of Dust’s values, making it an ideal retailer for their clothing.

Private Shopping Experience

For those seeking a personalized shopping experience, Twiggy offers private appointments with a stylist. These one-on-one sessions allow customers to explore the collection in depth, receive expert guidance in building their wardrobe, and find special pieces that perfectly suit their style and needs.

Contact Information

Twiggy welcomes queries and can be reached via email at or by phone at +32 (0) 9 223 95 66. Their physical store is located at Notarisstraat 3, 9000 Gent, Belgium. For those who prefer online shopping, Twiggy’s webshop at provides a convenient platform to browse and purchase products.

Twiggy offers a unique opportunity to buy Girls of Dust clothes, whether you’re in Ghent or shopping from home. With a commitment to quality, style, and a personalized shopping experience, Twiggy is the ideal destination for those interested in Girls of Dust clothing.

Who founded the Girls Of Dust brand?

Girls of Dust is a distinctive womenswear brand that has made its mark in the fashion industry with its unique design ethos and commitment to quality.

  • Founders: The brand was conceived by Rob Harmsen and Keith Hioco, who had previously launched the Eat Dust clothing line in 2010. Girls of Dust emerged as the female equivalent of this brand, expanding their fashion influence to a broader audience.
  • Designer’s role: Integral to the development of the brand’s aesthetic was designer Aline Walther. She was a fellow graduate of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp with Keith Hioco, and her creative vision has been instrumental in shaping the Girls of Dust collections.
  • Design influences: The brand draws its design inspiration from vintage workwear, military attire, and iconic menswear. These elements are then reinterpreted into contemporary women’s cuts, giving the brand its distinctive style.
  • Quality focus: A hallmark of the Girls of Dust brand is its dedication to quality and durability. This commitment ensures that their clothing stands the test of time, much like the strong women who wear them.
  • Materials sourcing: The brand predominantly uses natural fabrics sourced from Europe, occasionally incorporating special delicate fabrics from Japan. This selective sourcing ensures the high quality of the materials used in each piece.
  • Ethical production: Girls of Dust is committed to responsible production practices. This aligns with the global trend towards more ethical and sustainable fashion, responding to the values of modern consumers.
  • Brand identity: Girls of Dust presents itself as a brand offering easy-to-wear clothing that embodies the strength and resilience of its wearers. This focus on empowering women through their fashion choices forms a key part of their brand identity.

In conclusion, Girls of Dust was brought to life by founders Rob Harmsen and Keith Hioco, with significant contributions from designer Aline Walther. The brand is renowned for its high-quality, durable clothing inspired by vintage workwear and military attire, crafted from selectively sourced fabrics. Its commitment to ethical production and empowering women through fashion has secured its place in the contemporary fashion landscape.

What is the connection between Eat Dust and Girls Of Dust?

Eat Dust and Girls Of Dust are two clothing brands that are interconnected through their founders and shared design philosophy. Both brands were established by Rob Harmsen and Keith Hioco, who are longtime friends and business partners. Their shared love for heavy motorcycles, tattoos, rock ‘n roll, and jeans led to the creation of Eat Dust in 2010, with Girls Of Dust following suit a few years later as its female counterpart.

Eat Dust

The Origins: Eat Dust was born out of the shared interests and passions of Rob Harmsen and Keith Hioco. The brand embodies rebellion and uniqueness, combining elements of denim, workwear, and streetwear in its designs. The name “Eat Dust” not only reflects the quality of the fabrics used but is also a testament to the brand’s rebellious nature. This spirit is reflected in every piece created by Eat Dust, setting it apart in the fashion industry.

Girls Of Dust

The Female Counterpart: Girls Of Dust, on the other hand, was created to serve as the female counterpart of Eat Dust Clothing. Along with Harmsen and Hioco, designer Aline Walther played a key role in developing the women’s line. The brand draws inspiration from vintage workwear, military apparel, and iconic menswear, translating these influences into contemporary women’s cuts. This approach has allowed Girls Of Dust to carve out its unique space in the fashion world.

Shared Design Philosophy

Despite their distinct identities, Eat Dust and Girls Of Dust share a design philosophy that focuses on creating timeless and high-quality garments. They prioritize craftsmanship, tradition, and expertise in their production process. The brands source materials from Europe and Japan, and they manufacture their products in Portugal. This commitment to quality and durability stands in stark contrast to the disposable culture prevalent in the fast fashion industry.

Collaboration and Expansion

While Eat Dust and Girls Of Dust operate as separate brands, they collaborate and support each other in various ways. For instance, Harmsen, one of the founders of Eat Dust, is also involved in the sales and marketing of Girls Of Dust. This mutual support has allowed both brands to expand their presence, with Eat Dust opening physical stores in Antwerp and Paris and Girls Of Dust being available at select boutique stores.

Ethical and Sustainable Practices

Both brands prioritize ethical and sustainable practices in their operations. They work with smaller workshops in Portugal that provide fair working conditions and source fabrics from Europe, focusing on ecological or recycled materials whenever possible. By avoiding heavy washes and destructive treatments, the brands emphasize the longevity of their garments, aligning with their commitment to sustainability.

Continued Growth and Future Plans

Over the years, both Eat Dust and Girls Of Dust have experienced growth and continue to evolve. They have dedicated teams of designers and collaborators who contribute to the brands’ success. While they focus on their current stores and collections, there are potential plans for future expansion and the opening of new locations. Despite this growth, the brands remain committed to their principles of quality, craftsmanship, and sustainability, ensuring that they stay true to their roots as they navigate the ever-changing fashion landscape.

Girls Of Dust clothing brand
Girls Of Dust clothing brand

What inspires the Girls Of Dust collections?

Girls Of Dust draws inspiration from various sources to create its unique collections. The influences range from vintage workwear and military apparel to iconic menswear, all reimagined into contemporary women’s styles.

  • Vintage workwear: Girls Of Dust finds substantial inspiration in vintage workwear. This influence is apparent in the practicality and durability of their designs. The brand seamlessly blends elements of traditional workwear with a modern twist, resulting in a distinct fusion of past and present in their collections.
  • Military apparel: Military apparel also plays a pivotal role in shaping the Girls Of Dust collections. This influence imparts structure and power to the designs. The clean lines and structured silhouettes, reminiscent of military attire, add a layer of strength and resilience to their collection.
  • Iconic menswear: Another key source of inspiration for Girls Of Dust is iconic menswear. The brand skillfully translates these classic styles into modern women’s cuts, offering a fresh perspective on traditional masculine designs. This approach results in pieces that are comfortable, stylish, and unique.
  • Fundamental pieces: Instead of chasing fleeting fashion trends, Girls Of Dust focuses on creating fundamental pieces that contribute to a timeless wardrobe. Each piece is designed with versatility and longevity in mind, encouraging customers to curate a wardrobe that can endure the test of time.
  • Seasonal additions: While maintaining core items from previous collections, Girls Of Dust introduces a few key pieces each season. This strategy ensures the collection retains its freshness and relevance while staying true to its foundational design ethos.
  • Antwerp influence: As a brand based in Antwerp, Belgium, the local culture and fashion scene undoubtedly have an impact on the Girls Of Dust collections. The city’s reputation as a fashion hub provides a rich source of inspiration, influencing the brand’s aesthetic and design philosophy.
  • Craftsmanship: All Girls Of Dust garments are meticulously crafted in Portugal. This decision not only ensures the durability of the clothing but also reflects the brand’s commitment to ethical production. By manufacturing in Portugal, the brand can ensure fair working conditions and maintain control over the production process.
  • Timelessness: A key inspiration for Girls Of Dust is the concept of timelessness. The brand strives to create pieces that can stand the test of time, reducing waste and promoting conscious consumption. This ethos is embodied in their dedication to creating timeless pieces that transcend seasonal trends.