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Eat Dust Europe: ways Eat Dust revolutionizes ethical fashion. Imagine a world where ethical fashion and punk rock come together. Well, that’s exactly what the Belgian brand Eat Dust has achieved. Since its founding in 2010 by Rob Harmsen and Keith Hioco, this brand has been fearlessly challenging fashion industry norms. Combining denim and menswear with a passion for western styles, Americana, motorcycling and punk rock, Eat Dust has created a unique aesthetic that captivates.

Girls of Dust, the female counterpart of Eat Dust goes far beyond outward display. With a relentless focus on craftsmanship, expertise, tradition and human respect, Eat Dust is revolutionizing ethical fashion in seven remarkable ways.

Eat Dust Europe: Denim that is more than just clothing

We all know that denim is probably the most versatile fabric ever made. But what if denim were more than just clothing? That’s exactly what the founders of Eat Dust believe in. They see denim as a way to represent human dignity, and they use it to express their values of respect and quality in fashion. With their focus on craftsmanship and traditional methods, I can assure you that their clothing is not just another fast-fashion item.

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Eat Dust Europe
Eat Dust

Eat Dust Europe: Vintage workwear for modern women

  • Quality and sustainability: Girls of Dust, the female counterpart of Eat Dust, is committed to providing women with high-quality and durable clothing. Their focus is on bringing these essential qualities to women’s clothing so that each garment can stand the test of time.
  • Inspired by Vintage Workwear and Military Wear: The brand’s collection takes inspiration from the timeless aesthetic of vintage workwear and military wear. By giving these iconic menswear pieces a contemporary twist, Girls of Dust creates unique and stylish clothing for women.
  • Selected natural fabrics: Girls of Dust carefully selects natural fabrics from Europe and Japan to create its garments. By prioritizing sustainability and environmental awareness, they offer clothes that not only look great, but are also in line with ethical values.
  • Crafted in Portugal: The Eat Dust brand takes pride in their craftsmanship and produces their clothing in Portugal. With attention to detail and a focus on quality, each piece is carefully crafted to ensure the best possible outcome.
  • Stylish, sophisticated and ethical: The result of Girls of Dust’s commitment to quality, craftsmanship and sustainability is a clothing collection that is not only stylish and sophisticated, but also ethically produced. By choosing Girls of Dust, women can make their fashion choices with confidence knowing they are supporting a brand that values both style and ethical practices.

Sustainability is key

Eat Dust’s approach to sustainability is holistic. Not only do they design ethical fashion, but they also try to implement environmental and social responsibility into their processes. They manage the impact of their production on the planet by using natural materials and reducing water consumption. In addition, Eat Dust sources their fabrics from carefully selected factories and produce in smaller workshops in Portugal, where they know who is involved in production and can guarantee ethical working conditions.

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Eat Dust is more than a brand

Eat Dust Europe is more than just a clothing brand; it is a fascinating movement that encompasses a powerful lifestyle. With a focus on human interaction, exceptional service and genuine hospitality, their stores become havens of warmth and inclusiveness. Everyone who sets foot inside their store is greeted with open arms and genuine appreciation.

But their dedication does not end there. Eat Dust Europe is actively involved in the community, supporting and nurturing the local art scene, contributing to vibrant music festivals and participating in a wide range of cultural activities. Rooted in their home base of Antwerp, they are deeply committed to fostering creativity and enriching the cultural fabric of their surroundings.

This remarkable brand testifies to the transformative power of fashion and the profound impact it can have on both individuals and communities. Eat Dust Europe invites you to join their journey, where style, passion and community come together to create something extraordinary.

Eat Dust Europe: Designs that will survive trends

Eat Dust’s denim collection offers a range of options, including raw or lightly washed styles, for a variety of preferences. With a strong emphasis on sustainability, they prioritize creating clothing that not only stands the test of time, but also minimizes their carbon footprint and prevents textile waste. Each garment is carefully crafted to be timeless, stylish and functional, allowing them to withstand years of wear and tear while still maintaining their exceptional quality and aesthetic appeal.

A store that is more than just a place to store

Eat Dust opened their first physical store on Volkstraat in Antwerp in 2020, bringing their unique vision to life.

  • The store is carefully designed, where the warm ambiance of reclaimed wood and the nostalgic charm of vintage machines create a captivating atmosphere.
  • Stepping inside feels like entering a time capsule, as the space effortlessly combines elements of a garage with the rustic charm of a Western-style store.
  • But Eat Dust’s commitment to human interaction goes beyond aesthetics; they strive to create an inviting environment where customers can connect, interact and have meaningful experiences.

From personal recommendations to engaging conversations, the store aims to offer more than just a shopping experience, but a true sense of community.

Eat Dust is a brand that matters

Eat Dust Europe is not only known for designing and making garments that are ethical, stylish and sustainable, but they are also building a vibrant community of individuals who care deeply about fashion and the world we live in. With a commitment to sustainability, Eat Dust is more than just a brand; it represents a holistic way of life that goes beyond fleeting fashion trends.

When you choose Eat Dust, you are not just buying clothes; you are part of a dynamic and like-minded group of individuals striving to make a positive impact on the world. By embracing the values of Eat Dust, you are joining a collective movement that seeks to create a better future by making conscious fashion choices. Together, we can make a difference and shape a world where style, ethics and sustainability blend seamlessly.

Eat Dust Europe: The future of ethical fashion

This innovative brand is at the forefront of a new wave of ethical fashion brands challenging the industry. With their strong values of respect, quality, sustainability and lifestyle, they are revolutionizing the fashion world.

  • Reshaping the industry: Eat Dust doesn’t just want to make clothes that are environmentally friendly or fair trade made. They also focus on changing the way we consume and think about fashion as a whole. By promoting a conscious approach to fashion, they are paving the way for a more sustainable and responsible industry.
  • Fashion with a Purpose: Eat Dust is leading the way towards a future where ethical fashion is not only fashionable, but also beautiful and accessible to all. Their designs not only make a style statement, but also have a deeper meaning that reflects the brand’s commitment to ethical practices.
  • Style meets sustainability: With their unique blend of style and sustainability, Eat Dust redefines what it means to be a progressive fashion brand. Their clothing is not only trendy and chic, but also made from eco-friendly materials and manufacturing processes, ensuring a positive impact on the environment.

By supporting Eat Dust, you are part of a larger movement toward a more ethical and sustainable fashion industry. With every purchase, you contribute to positive change and help shape a future where fashion and sustainability go hand in hand.

Eat Dust Europe: It’s all you need

Ethical fashion is of great importance, as is our relationship with clothing. Eat Dust is a brand that is revolutionizing the concept of fashion. They create garments that embody more than just material; they represent a statement of human dignity and a way of life. By creating a community of like-minded individuals who value both fashion and the planet, they are reshaping the industry. And they do so on their own terms, without compromising on quality, style or fun.

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