Cordera knitwear

What is Cordera knitwear?

Cordera knitwear is a distinct product line under the Cordera brand, a women’s fashion brand originally from Galicia, Spain. The brand’s knitwear line is known for its pure and minimal designs, made with a mix of modern technology and traditional craftsmanship.

Cordera knitwear
Cordera knitwear back view
  • Origin of the brand: Cordera knitwear is part of the Cordera brand, which was founded in 2008 by two sisters, Mónica and María. The brand, based in Galicia, Spain, strives to create timeless wardrobes with pure and minimal designs.
  • Production Method: Cordera’s knitwear is made with advanced Japanese knitting machines and then finished by hand. These pieces are made in small family-owned factories in Galicia, where local craft traditions are honored.
  • Ethical commitment: Cordera is deeply committed to ethical values and strives to create quality jobs and reduce its impact on the environment. This commitment extends to reducing water consumption, plastic use and toxic waste, as well as adopting sustainable production practices.
  • Animal welfare: A core part of Cordera’s ethos is respect for animals. The brand ensures that its wool is free of cruelty and muzzles, reflecting its commitment to the humane treatment of animals.
  • Sustainable materials: Cordera prioritizes the use of natural fabrics and recycled yarns to minimize its impact on the environment. When polyester is needed, it is always recycled. The brand also uses wool certified Mulesing Free and raw materials from the International Alpaca Association.
  • Timeless designs: Cordera focuses on creating timeless pieces that are not influenced by passing fashion trends. The brand promotes the concept of buying less but smarter, with high-quality garments designed to last longer.
  • Local collaborations: Cordera collaborates with local family workshops in Galicia for knitting, weaving and handbag/accessory production. These collaborations underscore the brand’s commitment to supporting local businesses and maintaining a strong connection to its roots.
  • Quality certifications: Cordera has several certifications for quality materials and ethical sourcing, such as BCI Cotton, Organic Cotton, Mulesing Free Wool, Ecotec Cotton and Ecotec Polyester, Organic Linen, Ecovero Viscose, Responsible Alpaca Standard and Cruelty-Free Silk. This shows the brand’s commitment to high quality materials and ethical sourcing.

In short, Cordera knitwear represents a blend of timeless design, ethical values and sustainable practices. The manufacturing process is an amalgamation of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology, resulting in high quality durable clothing that reflects the brand’s commitment to ethical and sustainable fashion.

Buy Cordera knitwear online on Twiggy

Cordera, a fashion brand for women from Galicia, is known for its contemporary, minimal designs and commitment to ethical and sustainable production. This article will guide you through the process of buying Cordera knitwear online at, a boutique in Ghent, Belgium.

Understand Cordera’s ethical approach

The first thing you need to know when considering a purchase from Cordera is the brand’s commitment to ethical work and sustainable practices. All clothing is made and manufactured in Galicia, Spain, with an emphasis on low environmental impact, avoiding harmful processes and using natural fabrics and recycled yarns.

Exploring the collection of Cordera knitwear

To begin your purchase, visit the Twiggy website at and browse Cordera’s extensive collection of knitwear. The brand offers timeless, high-quality garments designed to perfectly fit every body type. The designs embrace the concept of the body as a human architecture, made from the finest materials to ensure durability and longevity.

Adding items to your cart

Once you have found a knitwear item from Cordera that you like, add it to your shopping cart. You usually do this by selecting the size and color you want and then clicking the “Add to Cart” button. Keep in mind that Cordera makes clothes in one size, so you don’t have to worry about finding the perfect size.

Proceeding to checkout

When you have finished shopping and are ready to make your purchase, go to the checkout page. Here you’ll need to enter your shipping address and payment information. Review your order carefully to make sure all details are correct before completing your purchase.

Understanding shipping and delivery

After completing your purchase, your order will be processed for shipping. ships Cordera clothing worldwide, so no matter where you are, you can always enjoy these ethically produced, high-quality clothes. Delivery time may vary depending on your location.

Getting assistance

If you have any questions or need help while shopping, don’t hesitate to contact our Twiggy team. They are committed to providing you with a unique shopping experience and are ready to help you with all your questions.

Cordera knitwear sweater

How to care for Cordera knitwear?

Taking care of knitwear is essential to maintain its quality, longevity and appearance. Here’s how to care for your Cordera knitwear:

  • Washing methods: Wash your Cordera knitwear by hand or in the machine on a fine wash cycle with cold water. This method prevents the fabric from shrinking and preserves the integrity of the knit.
  • Choose detergent: Use a mild detergent specifically designed for delicate fabrics. Such detergents usually do not contain harsh chemicals that can damage the fibers of your knitwear.
  • Avoid chemicals: Stay away from bleach or other harsh chemicals. These substances can damage the fabric, causing it to lose its color and softness.
  • Care after washing: After washing, gently squeeze excess water from the garment. Be careful not to wring or twist the garment, as this can distort the knitted structure and cause stretching.
  • Drying strategy: Lay your knitwear flat on a clean towel and return it to its original shape. This helps maintain the shape and size of the garment.
  • Drying location: Dry your garment away from direct sunlight or heat sources. Exposure to these elements can cause your knitwear to shrink or be damaged.
  • Ironing Instructions: Iron your knitwear on a low temperature setting if necessary. Use a pressing cloth to protect the fabric from direct contact with the iron.
  • Storage tips: Store your knitwear folded or rolled. This helps maintain shape and prevents stretching.

Following these steps will keep your Cordera knitwear in excellent condition and maintain its softness, shape and color for a long time.

How is Cordera’s quality?

Cordera’s knitwear manufacturing process is a painstaking journey that begins at the inspiration and design stage to the finished product. This process is deeply rooted in the brand’s commitment to ethical and sustainable practices, focusing on quality, craftsmanship and timeless design. Here we will delve into the key stages of this process, highlighting the unique approach that sets Cordera’s knitwear apart.

Design and inspiration

The process begins with the design and inspiration phase. Cordera’s designers find their muse in the beautiful landscapes of Galicia, Spain. This natural environment influences the creation of minimalist designs that celebrate the human body as a form of architecture. The goal is to create intuitive patterns that offer a comfortable and flattering fit for all body types.

Choosing Materials

The next step is the careful selection of materials. Cordera uses high-quality materials of natural origin for their knitwear.

  • Natural fabrics: Cordera uses mostly natural fabrics in their knitwear. These fabrics usually come from plant or animal fibers, which are renewable resources. The use of natural fabrics contributes to the overall quality and sustainability of Cordera’s knitwear.
  • Recycled yarns: To minimize waste and environmental impact, Cordera incorporates recycled yarns into their knitwear. These yarns are made by recovering textile waste and transforming it into usable yarn.
  • Cruelty-free wool: One of the main materials Cordera uses in its knitwear is wool. However, the brand ensures that the wool they use is certified cruelty-free, meaning it comes from animals that have not been subjected to harmful practices such as “mulesing.”
  • Japanese knitting: While not a material per se, the use of Japanese knitting machines is an essential part of Cordera’s production process. These machines help create the intricate designs and high-quality finishes that characterize Cordera’s knitwear.
  • Hand-finished details: Every piece of Cordera knitwear is finished by hand. This meticulous process gives each garment a unique touch, enhancing its overall aesthetic and value.
  • Recycled polyesters: When necessary, Cordera incorporates recycled polyesters into their knitwear. These polyesters are made from recycled plastic, making them a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional synthetic fabrics.

Manufacturing process

Cordera’s knitwear is made in Galicia, Spain. They work with small family-owned factories and are committed to ethical work and building strong relationships. The garments are made with Japanese knitting machines and finished by hand. This blend of technology and craftsmanship ensures the highest quality and attention to detail in every garment.

Low impact on the environment

Cordera is committed to minimizing environmental impact throughout the manufacturing process. They adopt sustainable practices and use advanced technology to reduce water consumption, plastic use and toxic waste. By avoiding harmful processes, they preserve the natural appearance of their fabrics. Their production cycle follows a limited and sustainable basis, preventing overstocking and overproduction.

Long lasting

The brand’s knitwear is designed to last. Cordera does not follow fleeting fashion trends. Instead, they focus on creating garments that transcend seasons. This approach encourages customers to buy smaller but smarter, underscoring the importance of high-quality clothing that lasts longer.

Collaborative relationships

Cordera values collaborative relationships with its suppliers. The brand works with European suppliers that share its values of quality and expertise. These relationships guarantee the traceability of their products. By supporting local economies and family businesses, Cordera contributes to ethical, fair and quality work.

What other products does Cordera offer?

Cordera, a brand known for high-quality clothing and ethical work practices, offers a variety of products designed to empower women and respect the environment. Their product line is not limited to clothing alone, but also includes several other distinctive offerings.

  • Accessories: Cordera offers an array of accessories that complement their clothing line. From scarves made from recycled cashmere to belts designed to accentuate their one-size-fits-all garments, these accessories are designed to enhance the wearer’s overall aesthetic.
  • Jewelry: In line with their commitment to sustainability and ethical practices, Cordera also offers a range of jewelry. This jewelry is often made from ethically sourced materials, in line with the brand’s environmentally conscious ethos.
  • Footwear: Cordera also extends its unique design philosophy to shoes. Their shoes are not only about style, but also about comfort, durability and sustainability, echoing their approach to clothing.
  • Bags: Made of durable materials, Cordera’s bags are both functional and fashionable. They are designed to match the brand’s clothing line, making it easy for customers to create a coordinated look.
  • Home décor: Cordera’s commitment to design and sustainability is also reflected in their interior products. These items, such as bedspreads or pillow covers, are made from the same high-quality, durable materials as their clothing.
  • Gift certificates: Cordera recognizes that their products make great gifts, which is why they offer gift certificates. This allows recipients to choose something they really love, so that every Cordera product they buy is appreciated and used instead of contributing to overproduction.
  • Workshops: In addition to tangible goods, Cordera also offers workshops. These sessions focus on teaching individuals about sustainable fashion and ethical practices in the industry, reflecting Cordera’s commitment to not only selling products, but also spreading knowledge.
  • Personal styling service: To help customers find the perfect fit and style, Cordera offers personal styling services. This service helps people choose clothes that fit their body type and personal style, so they feel confident and comfortable in Cordera’s clothes.

In summary, Cordera offers more than just clothing. They offer a holistic, sustainable shopping experience, with products and services that align with their brand ethos of quality, sustainability and ethical practices.