Clothing brand Cordera – Shop at Twiggy store

Cordera is a women’s fashion clothing brand based in Galicia, Spain, created and staffed entirely by women. The founders, Monica and Maria, have a clear commitment to creating a project with ethical values that they endeavour to share with everyone, a commitment that is reflected in their high-quality clothing.

Cordera is about contemporary and minimal designs holding hands with an ethical and sustainable production 100% made in Spain. They offer a unique universe composed by a beautiful team of creative minds committed to the same beliefs. In this article, we’ll provide eight tips for choosing the perfect fit and style with Cordera clothes.

Clothing brand Cordera - Shop at Twiggy store
Clothing brand Cordera - Shop at Twiggy store

Know your Body Type – Fashion by Cordera

Cordera’s philosophy is that clothes should fit “every kind of human being.” Therefore, it’s important to know your body type to pick the right clothes that will compliment your figure. One of the advantages of Cordera is that they create one size clothes which patterns fit perfectly in every body type.

Quality and Timeless Pieces, made by Cordera

Cordera creates timeless designs that are not restricted by fashion trends, which means they never go out of style. Investing in high-quality pieces that last longer is always the right choice. Cordera garments are not seasonal, you can buy them whenever you want and wear them always.

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Clothing brand Cordera - Shop at Twiggy store
Clothing brand Cordera - Shop at Twiggy store

Materials Matter

At Cordera, they only work with the highest quality materials of natural origin, such as organic cotton, wool sourced from animals that have not been subjected to “mulesing” or harm, alpaca wool, and recycled materials. Polyesters, if needed for fabric and/or yarn manufacture, are always recycled.

Pay Attention to Labels

Pay attention to the labels when you choose clothes. Cordera has certifications that support their commitment to quality materials and ethical sourcing, such as BCI Cotton, Organic Cotton, Museling Free Wool, Ecotec Cotton and Ecotec Polyester, Organic Linen, Ecovero Viscose, Responsible Alpaca Standard, or Cruelty-Free Silk.

Flatter Your Figure

When selecting clothes, the design and style is important. Cordera creates minimalist and timeless designs that flatter all figures. Their clothes embrace your body as a human architecture, with intuitive patterns that follow the natural curvatures of your figure.

Dress for the Occasion – Fashion clothing by Cordera

Consider the occasion when you pick clothes. Cordera offers many styles that can be dressed up or down for casual or professional occasions. From dresses to pants, shorts or tops, they offer something for every event or season.

Opt for Comfortable Fabrics

When it comes to choosing clothes, comfort should always be a priority. At Cordera, they craft their garments with the best materials so that you can wear them for years. They produce garments made from natural fabrics that include intuitive patterns that flatter the body while also being comfortable.

Do Your Research

Research the brand and check out the clothes before you make a purchase. At Cordera, they’re committed to transparency and share detailed information about their products’ materials, design processes, and ethical sourcing. By helping to support a brand you believe in, you can feel good about the things you wear.

Clothing brand Cordera - Shop at Twiggy store
Clothing brand Cordera - Shop at Twiggy store

Clothing brand Cordera

In conclusion, when it comes to choosing the perfect fit and style, Cordera is a brand that offers timeless and sustainable clothes that flatter all body types. The brand’s style, quality, and ethical values make it a favorite of many fashion lovers. By following these eight tips, you’ll be better equipped to choose the perfect Cordera outfit for your next occasion.

  • Keep in mind your body type for the perfect fit
  • Choose quality and timeless garments
  • Pay attention to the materials and labels
  • Flatter your figure with intuitive designs
  • Choose appropriate clothing for the occasion
  • Opt for comfortable and natural fabrics
  • Research your clothes and the brand
  • Support brands that reflect your values