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Shopping at Twiggy for Boboutic fashion is an immersive experience that combines the allure of Italian knitwear with the unique charm of a Belgian boutique. Here are compelling reasons to consider Twiggy:

Boboutic online shop
Boboutic online shop dress
  • Spacious shopping environment: Twiggy, spread over three floors and 450 m², offers ample space for a relaxing shopping experience. The store’s layout is designed to surprise and delight, providing you with a distinctive retail journey as you explore Boboutic’s collection.
  • Global accessibility: Twiggy’s online webshop extends its reach globally, making Boboutic’s fashion accessible to customers worldwide. You can shop from the comfort of your home, wherever you are, and have these unique designs delivered to your doorstep.
  • Refreshing store concept: With a history that spans over 25 years, Twiggy has constantly evolved its store concept to keep the shopping experience fresh and engaging. This innovative spirit mirrors Boboutic’s approach to fashion, making Twiggy an ideal place to shop for their products.
  • Ongoing improvements: Twiggy’s commitment to improvement is evident in its renovations and refurbishments. The upcoming backyard annexe and rooftop addition promise to enhance the shopping experience further, offering new environments to discover Boboutic’s fashion.
  • Unique designs: Boboutic’s knitwear designs are unique, originally combining aesthetics and comfort. Twiggy’s selection of this brand allows you to appreciate these exceptional pieces up close.
  • Quality craftsmanship: Boboutic’s focus on preserving the integrity of the yarn in their garment-making process results in high-quality knitwear. Shopping at Twiggy gives you access to this level of craftsmanship.
  • Personalized shopping experience: Twiggy offers private appointments for a one-on-one shopping experience with a stylist. This personalized service can be particularly helpful when choosing from Boboutic’s collection, ensuring you find pieces that suit your style and needs.

Discover the online sales of Twiggy for Boboutic

The online sales of the Italian luxury knitwear brand, Boboutic, are available through Twiggy, a trendy store based in Ghent, Belgium. This collaboration has made it possible for customers around the globe to experience and own the innovative designs of Boboutic.

The inception of Boboutic

Boboutic was born in 2000 out of a shared passion for innovation and design between Michel Bergamo, a knitwear designer, and Cristina Zamagni, an architect and photographer. Later, in 2012, designer Niccolò Magrelli joined the team, enhancing the brand’s creative portfolio. Since 2001, Boboutic has been showcasing its collections during Paris Fashion Week, gaining recognition for its unique approach to knitwear.

Design philosophy and innovation

Boboutic’s design philosophy revolves around the idea that knitwear can narrate its own unique story. The designers consider yarn as an endless line, shunning the use of scissors in the creation of their garments. This philosophy allows them to develop unique surfaces and unexpected shapes, marrying traditional techniques with modern materials. Their designs embody a perfect blend of innovation and tradition, resulting in a unique aesthetic that sets them apart in the fashion industry.

Artistic influences and collaborations

Boboutic draws inspiration from a wide range of artistic disciplines, including visual art, performance, and filmmaking. The brand collaborates with diverse artists who create original artworks that resonate with the guiding theme of each collection. These collaborations have led to enriching partnerships with artists like Fanny&Alexander, Kinkaleri, Marco Mazzoni, Jacopo Miliani, Davide Savorani, and Zapruder filmmakersgroup.

Materials and production techniques

The brand’s commitment to quality is evident in the selection of materials for their products. Boboutic uses wonderful fiber blends in their yarns, resulting in pieces that feel luxurious to the touch. They also incorporate sculptural elements through CNC knitting machines to achieve volume and interesting knit stitches. Constant exploration of new techniques and materials allows Boboutic to evolve their designs continually, keeping them fresh and appealing.

Availability at Twiggy

Twiggy, a boutique store based in Ghent, Belgium, now brings the unique collection of Boboutic to our online platform. Customers worldwide can browse and purchase Boboutic’s knitwear collection, enjoying the effortless, relaxed, and understated elegance of the brand’s clothing. Twiggy ships their products globally, making Boboutic’s designs accessible to a wider audience.

Why women love the Boboutic brand

Women across the globe have a deep-seated love for the Boboutic brand, a sentiment that can be attributed to a myriad of reasons including its unique design philosophy, artistic collaborations, and innovative techniques.

  • Unique knitwear: Boboutic offers an extraordinary collection of knitwear that stands out in the fashion industry. The brand’s commitment to creating unique surfaces and unexpected shapes adds a level of intrigue and sophistication that many women find appealing.
  • Founders’ expertise: The brand draws its strength from the diverse backgrounds of its founders: Michel Bergamo, a skilled knitwear designer, and Cristina Zamagni, an architect and photographer. Their combined expertise offers a distinct perspective on fashion which many women find refreshing and inspiring.
  • Innovative techniques: Boboutic is known for its blend of traditional and innovative techniques. By combining knit-and-stitch methods with constant research for new materials and productions, the brand manages to stay ahead of the curve, attracting women who appreciate forward-thinking fashion.
  • Respect for materials: One of the unique aspects of Boboutic’s production process is the rejection of scissors. Keeping the yarn intact as an endless line demonstrates a deep respect for the material, which resonates with women who value sustainability and craftsmanship in fashion.
  • Prestigious platform: Having been presented at Paris Fashion Week since 2001, Boboutic has gained recognition on a prestigious platform. This global exposure adds to the brand’s appeal, particularly among women who appreciate high-end fashion.
  • Constant evolution: Boboutic’s commitment to exploration and evolution is evident in their continuous search for new techniques and materials. This dynamic approach keeps the brand fresh and exciting, attracting women who enjoy keeping up with the latest trends in fashion.
  • Unpredictable approach: Boboutic’s unpredictable approach to knitwear, where materials and structures complement each other, creates a unique aesthetic that many women find appealing. This departure from conventional knitwear design sets Boboutic apart, making it a favorite among women who love unique and avant-garde fashion.

How does Boboutic blend tradition and innovation?

The unique blend of tradition and innovation in Boboutic’s knitwear collection is a testament to their creative approach. This sophistication in design is achieved through a combination of strategies, including the fusion of different disciplines, an unconventional design tactic, relentless pursuit of new materials and techniques, narrative creation through knitwear, collaborations with artists, and a commitment to constant progression and discovery.

Interdisciplinary collaboration

Boboutic’s inception in 2000 was marked by the union of two distinct fields of expertise – knitwear design and architectural photography. Michel Bergamo, a knitwear designer, and Cristina Zamagni, an architect/photographer, collaborated to bring together their unique perspectives. This fusion of disciplines has allowed the brand to redefine traditional knitwear design, resulting in pieces that are both innovative and steeped in tradition.

Embracing unpredictability in design

Boboutic’s design philosophy is anything but conventional. They strive to create pieces where the materials and structures complement each other seamlessly. Rejecting the use of scissors in their production process, they maintain the yarn as an unbroken line, resulting in unexpected shapes and textures. This approach challenges traditional norms and allows Boboutic to infuse their designs with a unique sense of creativity and innovation.

Persistent exploration of new materials and techniques

In their quest for innovation, Boboutic is dedicated to continuous research into new materials and production methods. The brand combines traditional knit-and-stitch techniques with the exploration of innovative materials, pushing the boundaries of knitwear design. This relentless pursuit of new possibilities ensures that Boboutic’s garments are both traditional in craftsmanship and innovative in execution.

Artistic collaborations

Boboutic’s appreciation for other artistic disciplines is evident in their collaborations with various artists. These artists are invited to interact with the brand’s philosophy, producing original artworks that resonate with each collection. These collaborations infuse Boboutic’s knitwear with a fresh perspective, blurring the lines between fashion and art.

Commitment to progression and discovery

Boboutic is a brand committed to constant evolution and exploration. They embrace change and continually seek new ways to push the boundaries of knitwear design. This commitment ensures that Boboutic remains at the forefront of innovation in the fashion industry, successfully blending tradition and innovation in their designs.

In conclusion, Boboutic’s unique approach to knitwear design exemplifies a successful blend of tradition and innovation. Through interdisciplinary collaboration, embracing unpredictability in design, persistent exploration of new materials and techniques, narrative creation through knitwear, artistic collaborations, and a commitment to progression and discovery, Boboutic continues to redefine the boundaries of traditional knitwear design.

What inspires Boboutic’s collections?

Boboutic’s collections are influenced by a range of diverse sources. The brand’s designers seek inspiration from various fields, combining different elements to produce unique and innovative knitwear pieces. Here is a detailed look at what inspires Boboutic’s collections:

  • Narrative of knitwear: Boboutic’s collections are inspired by the idea of a “knitwear wardrobe”. The designers believe that each piece of knitwear tells its own story, and they aim to express this narrative through their collections.
  • Innovation in knitwear: The brand is constantly looking for new ways for knitwear to express itself. This drive for innovation is a significant source of inspiration, leading to the creation of unique and exciting pieces.
  • Material and structural focus: Boboutic’s approach to knitwear is unpredictable, focusing on how materials and structures can complement each other. This focus on the physical aspects of the garments inspires the brand to create original designs.
  • Everyday life and geometry: Inspiration for Boboutic’s collections also comes from everyday life and geometry. These elements provide a rich source of ideas for the brand’s unique designs.
  • Cultural and artistic references: The brand is inspired by a range of cultural and artistic figures and movements, including Gordon Matta Clark, the 4th Berlin Biennale, Cibachrome, Luigi Ghirri, differences and contrasts, and the East.
  • Choice of yarns: Each collection is made from carefully chosen yarns, which are combined and intertwined to create unique surfaces and unexpected shapes. This conscious selection and use of materials inspire the brand’s collections.

In summary, Boboutic’s collections are inspired by a wide range of sources, from the narrative of knitwear and innovative design approaches to artistic collaborations and interdisciplinary influences. These inspirations come together to create unique, expressive pieces that redefine the concept of knitwear.