Boboutic dress

What is a Boboutic dress?

A Boboutic dress represents the intersection of fashion and art, combining traditional knit-and-stitch techniques with innovative design. It’s a product of the brand’s unique approach to knitwear, which is based in Florence, Italy, and has been making waves in the fashion industry since 2000. They have jackets.

Boboutic dress
Boboutic dress pants
  • Unique knitwear collection: A Boboutic dress is part of a unique knitwear collection that reflects the brand’s commitment to innovation and unpredictability. Each piece is designed to create a harmonious relationship between materials and structures, resulting in a one-of-a-kind garment.
  • Founders’ influence: The influence of founders Michel Bergamo, a knitwear designer, and Cristina Zamagni, an architect/photographer, can be seen in each Boboutic dress. Their diverse backgrounds bring a unique perspective to the design process, merging the worlds of fashion, architecture, and photography.
  • Addition of Niccolò Magrelli: In 2012, designer Niccolò Magrelli joined the Boboutic team, adding his unique flair to the brand’s designs. His contribution helps further differentiate a Boboutic dress from other knitwear pieces.
  • Traditional meets innovative: A Boboutic dress combines traditional knit-and-stitch techniques with constant research into new materials and production methods. This blend of old and new gives each piece a timeless yet contemporary feel.
  • Integrity of yarn: One distinctive aspect of a Boboutic dress is the brand’s rejection of scissors in their creation process. By keeping the yarn intact as an endless line, the dresses exhibit a seamless, fluid design that reflects the continuity of the fabric.
  • Artistic collaborations: The brand’s collaboration with diverse artists adds another layer of uniqueness to each Boboutic dress. These collaborations result in original artworks related to each collection, adding a cultural and aesthetic value to each piece.
  • Recognition in high fashion: The prestige of a Boboutic dress is further enhanced by the brand’s recognition in high fashion. Having been presented at Paris Fashion Week since 2001, each dress carries with it a testament to the brand’s respected status in the fashion world.
  • Unique brand identity: Above all, a Boboutic dress represents the unique identity of the brand itself. It’s a physical manifestation of the brand’s singular vision and aesthetic, reflecting its roots in Florence and its commitment to pushing the boundaries of what knitwear can be.

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Twiggy store details

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Boboutic at Twiggy

Twiggy’s collection includes pieces from the innovative brand Boboutic. Known for its creative knitwear designs, Boboutic dresses stand out for their unique textures, intricate detailing, and comfortable fit. These dresses are a symbol of the brand’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship, making them a valuable addition to any wardrobe. At Twiggy, you can find a variety of Boboutic dresses that cater to different styles and preferences, ensuring that every customer finds something that resonates with their personal style.

Shopping experience at Twiggy

Shopping at Twiggy, whether in-store or online, is designed to be an enjoyable and seamless experience. Our physical store offers the chance to see, touch, and try on the clothes before buying, providing a tactile experience that’s often missing in online shopping. For those who prefer to shop from the comfort of their homes, Twiggy’s online webshop offers a user-friendly interface and detailed product descriptions. Our online store is regularly updated with new arrivals, ensuring that customers always have access to the latest trends.

Contact information

To facilitate smooth communication with customers, Twiggy provides various contact channels. For inquiries related to the Boboutic dress or any other product, customers can reach out via email or phone: – +32 (0) 9 223 95 66. The store’s physical address in Ghent is Notarisstraat 3, 9000 Gent, Belgium. Twiggy’s customer service team is known for its prompt responses and helpful attitude, ensuring that every shopping experience is a pleasant one.

In conclusion, Twiggy offers a unique shopping experience that combines a wide range of fashion choices with excellent customer service. Our selection of Boboutic dresses caters to women who appreciate quality, style, and uniqueness. Whether you are local to Ghent or shopping from another corner of the world, Twiggy is a destination worth exploring on your fashion journey.

Who are the designers behind the Boboutic dress?

Boboutic is a notable brand in the world of fashion, known for its unique and innovative designs. The creative minds behind Boboutic are Michel Bergamo, Cristina Zamagni, and Niccolò Magrelli.

Michel Bergamo

As one of the founders, Bergamo brings a wealth of experience to the team. He is an Italian designer who has a deep understanding of the fashion industry. His creativity and ability to think outside the box have contributed significantly to the distinctive style of Boboutic.

Cristina Zamagni

Zamagni, another founder of Boboutic, is also a key player in shaping the brand’s identity. She carries an extensive background in fashion design and shares Bergamo’s passion for innovative designs. Her expertise lies in creating pieces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also comfortable and wearable.

Niccolò Magrelli

The newest addition to the Boboutic team, Magrelli brings fresh perspectives to the table. Despite being the youngest among the three, his contributions have been valuable in keeping the brand’s designs current and relevant.

Together, these three designers create a dynamic team that continually pushes the boundaries of fashion and bring unique strengths and perspectives to the brand. Their combined efforts have made Boboutic a brand that is respected and admired in the fashion industry.

How is the quality of Boboutic dresses?

Boboutic, an Italian fashion brand based in Florence, is renowned for its innovative and high-quality knitwear. Founded by designer Michel Bergamo and architect/photographer Cristina Zamagni, Boboutic combines traditional techniques with new materials and production methods to create distinctive dresses. This analysis delves into the various elements that contribute to the superior quality of Boboutic dresses.

Materials and structures

The quality of Boboutic dresses is significantly influenced by the brand’s unique approach to materials and structures. By considering the yarn as an endless line and avoiding the use of scissors in the making of their garments, the integrity of the yarn is maintained, contributing to the durability and overall quality of the dresses. Their commitment to blending traditional knit-and-stitch techniques with innovative materials results in unique, high-quality pieces.

Unpredictable design

Boboutic’s unpredictable design approach further enhances the quality of their dresses. The brand strives to push the boundaries of traditional designs, creating knitwear that tells a story. This innovative approach results in visually striking dresses that are not only unique but also of superior quality. Their constant exploration and adaptation of new techniques and materials ensure their dresses are always evolving, reflecting the latest trends in knitwear fashion.

Collaborations with artists

Boboutic’s collaborations with diverse artists bring a unique perspective and creativity to their dresses, further enhancing their quality and artistic value. These collaborations result in dresses that are more than just garments; they become wearable works of art, displaying the brand’s commitment to incorporating different artistic influences into its designs.

Constant research and innovation

Boboutic’s commitment to constant research and innovation is a key factor in the superior quality of their dresses. By continuously exploring new materials and production methods, the brand ensures their dresses remain at the forefront of knitwear fashion. This dedication to innovation results in dresses that are not only visually appealing but also comfortable and durable.

Attention to detail

The quality of Boboutic dresses is further enhanced by the brand’s meticulous attention to detail. From carefully chosen yarns and materials to the handcrafted nature of their garments, every aspect is designed to tell a story. This focus on detail ensures that each dress is meticulously crafted, contributing to the high quality and uniqueness of the product.

International recognition and continual evolution

Boboutic’s international recognition and commitment to continual evolution play a vital role in maintaining the quality of their dresses. Their presence at Paris Fashion Week since 2001 attests to the global appreciation for their innovative designs and superior quality. By constantly exploring new techniques and materials, Boboutic ensures their dresses remain fresh and relevant in the ever-changing fashion industry, contributing to the sustained quality and desirability of their dresses.

How to care for a Boboutic dress?

Caring for a Boboutic dress, with its unique blend of traditional knit-and-stitch techniques and innovative materials, requires special attention. Here are eight key points to keep your dress looking its best:

  • Understand the uniqueness: Boboutic’s garments are distinctive, with yarns often kept intact without the use of scissors. This innovative approach means each piece may have specific care needs.
  • Embrace gentle washing: Due to the delicate nature of the knitwear, it’s recommended to hand wash your Boboutic dress in cold water with a mild detergent. Avoid wringing or twisting the garment as it may distort its unique shape.
  • Employ proper drying: High heat can damage the yarns, so never use a dryer. Instead, lay the dress flat on a towel, roll it up to absorb excess water, then unroll and leave it to dry naturally.
  • Store correctly: To prevent stretching, store your dress folded rather than hung. Keep it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to maintain its vibrant colors.
  • Steer clear of harsh chemicals: Bleach and other strong chemicals can harm the fibers of your Boboutic dress. Stick to mild detergents and avoid cleaning products that contain bleach.
  • Conduct regular inspections: Regularly check your dress for signs of wear or damage. Catching issues like loose threads early can prevent further damage and prolong the life of the garment.
  • Proceed with caution when mending: If your dress does suffer damage, consider seeking professional repair. The unique construction of Boboutic garments may require specialized techniques for effective mending.
  • Consult professionals when necessary: For significant cleaning or repairs, don’t hesitate to consult a professional who specializes in knitwear. They’ll be equipped with the necessary knowledge and experience to handle your Boboutic dress with care.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure your Boboutic dress continues to tell its own unique story for years to come.