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Why the online shop of Twiggy is great for Anntian clothing

  • Accessibility: Twiggy’s online shop offers global shipping, making Anntian’s unique and durable clothing accessible to a global customer base. This means that individuals from all corners of the world can experience the individuality, quality and durability that Anntian offers in their clothing.
  • Personalized shopping experience: The Twiggy online shop offers customers the ability to schedule a private appointment for a personalized shopping experience. This feature allows customers to get an intimate look at Anntian’s collection and work with a stylist to put together their wardrobe or find specific pieces that fit their personal style and values.
  • Presenting Anntian’s values: Twiggy’s focus on comfort and movement in fashion matches Anntian’s design philosophy. This synergy between brand values enhances the shopping experience for customers as they can see how Anntian’s clothing fits into a broader fashion context where comfort and movement are paramount.
  • Promotion of Slow Fashion: Twiggy’s online platform can serve as a medium to further promote Anntian’s mission to counter fast fashion. By showcasing Anntian’s collections, which always tell a story and are designed around a particular theme, Twiggy can help communicate the brand’s commitment to individuality, personality, morality, plurality and personal time.
  • Highlighting craftsmanship: Twiggy’s online shop can effectively highlight the craftsmanship that goes into every piece of Anntian clothing. Detailed product descriptions and high-quality images can showcase the hand-printed or hand-painted graphics, intricate details and high-quality materials used in the production of Anntian’s clothing.
  • Emphasis on sustainability: Twiggy’s shop can highlight Anntian’s commitment to sustainability. By highlighting the use of ecological fabrics and materials and the commitment to making sustainable clothing, Twiggy can help customers understand the environmental benefits of purchasing Anntian products.
  • Showcasing the evolution of Anntian: Through Twiggy’s online shop, customers can follow Anntian’s journey since its inception in 2006. The site shows the brand’s growth, changes and the opening of the Anntian Land studio, giving customers a deeper connection to the brand and its evolution.
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Anntian shop

Why women love shopping in an Anntian shop

The appeal of Anntian stores to female shoppers lies in the brand’s unique philosophy and approach to fashion. Anntian, a clothing brand based in Berlin, has created a niche for itself with its commitment to sustainability, distinctive designs, meticulous attention to detail and focus on longevity and storytelling. This, combined with their personal shopping experience and support for independent designers, makes Anntian stores a favorite choice for many women.

Anntian: durability as a priority

Anntian stands out in the fashion industry for its commitment to sustainability. The brand works with small regional manufacturers that emphasize sustainability in the development and selection of fabrics. This resonates with environmentally conscious women who want to support brands that align with their principles, making Anntian a preferred choice.

Emphasis on individuality

Anntian’s focus on individuality is evident in their unique designs. Their collections feature hand-painted or hand-printed images, so no two pieces are the same. This appeals to women who see fashion as a form of self-expression and appreciate the uniqueness and individuality of Anntian’s designs.

Attention to detail

Anntian stands out in the fashion industry for its meticulous attention to detail. Each garment has hidden details and conceptual elements that enhance the individuality of the wearer. Women who appreciate craftsmanship and quality find this attention to detail appealing, contributing to the allure of Anntian stores.

Longevity and timelessness

Anntian’s focus on creating timeless pieces that last for years is another reason why women enjoy shopping at Anntian. The brand’s commitment to lasting quality results in garments that transcend trends and can be enjoyed for years, appealing to women who value longevity in their wardrobe.

Storytelling and thematic collections

Anntian is known for its narrative and thematic collections. Each collection offers a unique world with a central theme that goes beyond clothing to include accessories and interior design. This appeals to women who see fashion as an art form and are looking for a deeper, more meaningful shopping experience.

Personalized shopping experience

Anntian offers a personalized shopping experience, where women work closely with a stylist. This intimate approach allows women to better understand the collection and find garments that truly reflect their style, making shopping at Anntian a unique and customized experience.

Anntian supports independent designers

Shopping at Anntian allows women to support independent designers. The brand was founded by Anne Hilken and Christian Kurt, themselves independent designers. Women who value creativity and want to support emerging talent find this aspect of Anntian particularly appealing, contributing to the reasons they enjoy shopping at Anntian.

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Anntian pants

What makes Anntian fashion ideal for women

Anntian is a clothing brand that stands out in the fashion industry for its commitment to quality, durability and individuality. Founded in 2006 by Anne Hilken and Christian Kurt, the Berlin-based label has been praised for its unique approach to design and production. This article explores further the various aspects that contribute to the quality of Anntian’s clothing.

Design and production process at Anntian

An integral part of Anntian’s quality comes from its design and production process. The brand works with small regional manufacturers and ensures that each garment is carefully made. The designers’ dedication to using ecological materials and fibers is remarkable, as it not only enhances the brand’s sustainability, but also contributes to the overall quality of their garments.

Fabric selection and development

Fabric selection and development play an important role in Anntian’s quality assurance. The brand prefers high-quality materials that are durable and visually appealing. Moreover, the fabrics used are often designed by Anntian itself, with unique hand-painted or hand-printed graphics, which further enhance the overall quality and uniqueness of each garment.

Anntian: hidden details and individuality

The quality of Anntian clothing is also characterized by its hidden details and emphasis on individuality. Each garment is carefully designed to celebrate the uniqueness of the wearer. From the overall design to the smallest detail, every aspect of an Anntian garment is carefully considered and contributes to its overall quality and distinctiveness.

Reduced and clear design

Anntian’s design aesthetic is characterized by simplicity and clarity. However, this does not mean the designs are complex. Instead, the brand’s attention to detail and use of different techniques add layers of complexity to their clothing. A unique paper printing technique is used, which adds an extra dimension to the garments and enhances their overall appeal.

Presentations and recognition – Anntian fashion

Finally, Anntian’s quality is reflected in its recognition within the fashion industry. Displayed twice a year during Paris and Tokyo fashion weeks, Anntian’s collections have attracted attention for their unique design approach and commitment to quality. This recognition is a testament to the quality and craftsmanship of Anntian’s garments.

The latest trends of Anntian dresses

  • Bold patterns and prints: Anntian is known for its unique hand-painted or printed designs, making each dress stand out. The latest trends are bold patterns and prints, with the brand moving toward abstract and experimental motifs. These designs often tell a story and add an extra layer of depth to each garment.
  • Artful draping: One of the latest trends in Anntian dresses is the use of artful draping. This technique creates flowing shapes and ensures a snug fit on different body types. It adds an element of sophistication and elegance to the dresses.
  • Organic silk dresses: Anntian also offers dresses made entirely of organic silk. Combining luxury and durability, these dresses offer a high-quality, eco-friendly option for fashion-conscious individuals. The dresses often feature a simple design, making the quality of the material the focus.
  • Avant-garde cut: Anntian embraces innovative and unconventional fits in its designs. The latest trends include asymmetrical hems, oversized silhouettes and unique shapes that break from traditional clothing styles.
  • Inclusive sizing: Inclusivity is another key trend in Anntian’s latest dress designs. The brand makes an effort to cater to a wider range of body types and sizes so that more customers can enjoy their unique, high-quality garments.
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Anntian dress

Shopping online at Twiggy for Anntian womenswear

Shopping online at Twiggy for Anntian womenswear requires a few simple steps. It’s all about knowing where to look and how to get the most out of the shopping experience. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • Discovering the collection: Twiggy’s web shop is the starting point for discovering Anntian’s women’s fashion line. Our website is user-friendly and offers a wide range of garments from the Berlin-based label. Each garment is characterized by bold graphics, artful prints and avant-garde fits that create a unique, playful look.
  • Refining your search: You can refine your search by categories, sizes or colors. That way you can narrow down your selection and find exactly what you’re looking for. Remember that each piece of Anntian clothing is hand printed and individual, giving it a unique look.
  • Understand the product: Each product page provides detailed information about the item, such as materials used, fit and care instructions. Anntian focuses on sustainability and uses ecological fibers whenever possible, so you can feel good about your purchase.
  • Making a choice: Once you’ve found an item you like, select your size and click Add to Cart. You can continue shopping for more items or proceed to checkout when you’re done shopping.
  • Checkout: When you’re ready to make a purchase, go to your cart and review your items. Here you can adjust quantities or remove items if necessary. Then proceed to checkout. You will be prompted to enter shipping and payment information.
  • Shipping: Twiggy is based in Ghent, Belgium, but we offer worldwide shipping. You can expect your items to ship within a few business days of your order.
  • Styling advice: If you need help styling your new Anntian pieces, Twiggy has a team of stylists available for private appointments. We can offer you personal assistance in creating a look that meets your needs and feeds your soul.

Remember, shopping at Twiggy is not just about buying clothes, but about building your wardrobe with unique, sustainable pieces. Have fun shopping!