Anntian clothing

Clothing made by Anntian

  • Anntian dresses: Anntian is known for making dresses that stand out for their unique and playful designs. Each dress is hand-printed, giving it a unique feel. The brand often incorporates bold graphics and artistic prints into its designs and takes inspiration from different surfaces such as asphalt, granite, or wood.
  • Anntian tops: The brand also produces a wide range of tops, including blouses, shirts, and t-shirts. These pieces are known for their bright, complex, and minimalist designs. Anntian values quality, texture, and individuality in their tops, with hidden details that celebrate both the garment and the person wearing it.
  • Anntian pants: Anntian offers a variety of bottoms, such as pants and skirts. These items are made in keeping with the brand’s commitment to sustainability and quality. They are made by small regional manufacturers and often feature conceptual designs and processing techniques. The fabrics used are specially designed by Anntian, with graphics often hand-painted or printed.
  • Anntian outerwear: The brand makes outerwear meant to be treasured for years to come. This category includes jackets that reflect Anntian’s focus on durability and individuality. The designs of these pieces are generally calm and harmonious, but they also include complex and intense details.
  • Anntian accessories: In addition to clothing, Anntian also designs accessories that complement their clothing line. These can be scarves, hats, bags, or jewelry. Like their clothing, these accessories are designed with a focus on durability and unique, handmade details.
  • Intimate apparel: Anntian may also offer intimate apparel, such as lingerie or underwear. These garments are designed with the same attention to detail and commitment to sustainability as the rest of their collection. They strive to provide comfortable and stylish options for people who value quality and individuality.
  • Other garments from Anntian: Finally, Anntian’s collections may also include other garments, such as jumpsuits, rompers, or suits. These garments adhere to the brand’s principles of durability, quality, and individuality, with unique designs and handmade details.
Anntian clothing
Anntian clothing

Why Twiggy’s online shop is great for Anntian fashion

Twiggy’s online shop has become a popular destination for fashion lovers, especially those who appreciate the unique and playful look of Anntian clothing. The platform offers its customers several benefits, from a wide selection of exclusive brands to its commitment to sustainability. In this article, read why Twiggy’s online shop is a great choice for fans of Anntian fashion.

Unique in every piece – Anntian

Anntian’s clothing line is known for its bold graphics and avant-garde fits, with each garment being hand-printed, making it truly unique. Twiggy’s online shop provides a platform for customers to discover and purchase these unique pieces, adding a touch of creativity and individuality to their wardrobe.

Shared vision of sustainability

Both Anntian and Twiggy place a strong emphasis on sustainability. Twiggy works with small regional manufacturers and prioritizes the use of ecological fibers. By purchasing Anntian’s products through Twiggy’s online shop, customers indirectly support sustainable practices in the fashion industry and align with the values of environmentally conscious consumers.

Personalized shopping experience

Twiggy’s online shop goes beyond the traditional online shopping experience by offering personal appointments with stylists. This service allows customers to receive individual attention and guidance in choosing Anntian garments that match their style preferences, providing a more personalized shopping experience.

World-wide accessibility

With global shipping, Twiggy’s online shop makes Anntian fashion accessible worldwide. Regardless of their location, customers can discover and purchase Anntian’s unique designs, allowing the brand to reach a wider audience and share their creative work with fashion lovers around the world.

Curated selection of Anntian fashion

Twiggy’s online store contains a carefully curated selection of Anntian’s clothing and decor. This selection allows customers to easily navigate the brand’s collections and find garments that fit their personal style, providing a streamlined and enjoyable shopping experience.

Join a creative journey

By supporting Twiggy’s online shop, customers are part of a creative journey. Twiggy has been in the fashion industry for more than four decades, constantly developing and innovating. Their commitment to surprise and innovation aligns with Anntian’s philosophy of creating unique and unexpected fashion.

Anntian: comfort meets style

Anntian’s designs are not only stylish but also comfortable, meant to be a second skin for the wearer. In Twiggy’s online store, customers can discover and purchase these comfortable yet fashionable pieces, making it an ideal destination for those who value both style and comfort in their fashion choices.

What makes clothing of the brand Anntian unique?

Anntian is a brand that stands out for its unique design philosophy. Founded in 2006 by Anne Hilken and Christian Kurt, the Berlin-based label emphasizes individuality, personality and morality in their designs. The collections are designed to tell a story, with not only clothing but also accessories and interior design extensively featured. This intensive approach to design helps the brand create pieces that are distinctive and expressive.

  • Focus on sustainability: A cornerstone of Anntian’s uniqueness is its commitment to sustainability. From the selection of fabrics to the manufacturing process, the brand ensures that every step is environmentally conscious. This commitment to sustainability makes Anntian a responsible brand that contributes to reducing the environmental footprint of the fashion industry.
  • Local production: All of Anntian’s clothing is made by small regional manufacturers. This not only supports local businesses, but also ensures the quality and authenticity of each garment. This local manufacturing process adds a layer of uniqueness to the brand as it allows for better oversight of production and quality control.
  • Original fabric designs: Another unique aspect of Anntian’s clothing is the originality of the fabrics used. All fabrics are designed by the brand itself, often with hand-painted or hand-printed images. This makes each garment truly unique, as no two garments are exactly the same due to the handmade elements.
  • Quality and individuality: Anntian’s clothing is characterized by reduced, clear and complex details. Quality and individuality are emphasized in each design, resulting in clothing that is not only durable and long-lasting, but also unique and personal. This dedication to quality and individuality sets Anntian apart from many other brands in the fashion industry.
  • Harmonious collections: Anntian’s collections are generally described as calm and harmonious, yet they are full of complex and intense details. This balance between harmony and complexity makes the brand’s clothing unique, offering wearers an understated yet rich aesthetic.
  • Counterpoint to Fast Fashion: Finally, Anntian positions itself as a counterpoint to fast fashion and fast living. By promoting personal time, plurality and slow fashion, the brand encourages consumers to appreciate the value of each garment and the time it takes to make it. This philosophy not only makes Anntian’s clothing unique, but also adds a layer of conscious consumption to the wearer’s experience.
Anntian clothing
Anntian clothing

What is Anntian clothing known for?

  • Ecological materials: Anntian places a strong emphasis on using ecological materials in their clothing. These materials are sourced and produced in a way that minimizes environmental damage. By choosing such materials, Anntian contributes to sustainable fashion and reduces the overall impact of the industry on the environment.
  • Fiber: The brand tries to use environmentally friendly fibers whenever possible. This commitment to sustainability extends to every aspect of the production process. The specific types of fibers used may vary, but they are all in line with the brand’s ecological values.
  • Engineered fabrics: All of the fabrics used in Anntian’s clothing are designed by the brand itself. This allows Anntian to maintain control over the quality and durability of the materials used. It also ensures that each garment is in line with the brand’s unique aesthetic and ethos.
  • Hand-painted graphics: Anntian often incorporates hand-painted or hand-printed graphics into their designs. This not only adds a unique touch to each garment, but also means that non-toxic dyes and paints are used. This contributes to the overall sustainability of the brand and products.
  • Paper printing technique: Anntian uses a special paper printing technique for their clothing. This method is probably more sustainable than traditional fabric printing methods, which often use harsh chemicals and large amounts of water.
  • High-quality materials: Anntian works with small regional manufacturers who value craftsmanship and high-quality materials. This ensures that each garment is not only stylish and unique, but also durable and made to last.
  • Focus on quality and individuality: Anntian’s clothing is characterized by reduced, clear and complex details. This focus on quality and individuality is reflected in the materials used. Each garment is carefully made from the best available materials, so that each garment is as unique as the person wearing it.

Who designs Anntian clothing?

  • Designers of Anntian: Anntian clothing is designed by the creative duo Anne Hilken and Christian Kurt. They are the founders of this conceptual label from Berlin and have been driving its unique aesthetic since its inception in 2006.
  • Creative background: Both Anne and Christian bring a wealth of creativity and innovation to the brand. Their different backgrounds and shared vision give Anntian its distinctive strength. They incorporate their personal style and philosophy into every garment, creating a brand that truly stands out.
  • Design philosophy: Anne Hilken and Christian Kurt’s design philosophy is to counter fast fashion and fast life. They believe in creating garments that are not only aesthetically beautiful, but also durable and of high quality. This philosophy is reflected in every aspect of Anntian’s designs, from the choice of fabrics to the finished product.
  • Fabric Design: All of the fabrics used in Anntian’s clothing are designed by the brand itself. This allows Anne and Christian to ensure that each garment matches their vision and meets their high standards. It also adds an extra layer of uniqueness to their designs because they can control every aspect of the process.
  • Graphics and prints: The graphics on Anntian clothing are often hand painted or printed by Anne and Christian. This not only gives each garment a personal touch, but also makes each item unique. The use of hand techniques reinforces their commitment to slow fashion and individuality.
  • Sustainability and quality: Sustainability and quality are at the heart of Anntian. Anne Hilken and Christian Kurt place great emphasis on these aspects during the design process. They believe that fashion should not come at the expense of our planet and strive to create pieces that are both stylish and environmentally friendly.
  • Influence and impact: Through their work at Anntian, Anne Hilken and Christian Kurt have had a major impact on the fashion industry. Their designs challenge the norms of fast fashion and advocate a slower, more thoughtful approach to clothing design. They serve as inspiration for other designers who want to incorporate sustainability and quality into their work.