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What is Acne Studios

Acne Studios is a fashion house from Stockholm, Sweden, founded in 1996. The brand specializes in ready-to-wear clothing for men and women, footwear, accessories and denim. Its founder and creative director, Jonny Johansson, has a keen interest in photography, art, architecture and contemporary culture, which often influences the brand’s unique and multidisciplinary approach.

The company has a strong focus on sustainability, which is divided into three main areas, “Our Products,” “Our Suppliers” and “Our Operations. Acne Studios is a member of the Fair Wear Foundation and is committed to making high-quality products while working with responsible sourcing partners. They also consider the ethical and environmental impact of their operational activities.

Instead of relying on traditional forms of marketing and advertising, Acne Studios publishes a biannual magazine, Acne Paper, and collaborates with various representatives from the creative industry. The brand has stores worldwide, making its innovative and stylish offerings accessible to a global audience.

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Buy your Acne Studios clothing at Twiggy: 5 reasons

We are the proud owners of Twiggy, a fashion destination, based in Ghent, Belgium,  that offers the latest and most sought-after high-end fashion brands for women.

One of the brands that we are excited to offer is Acne Studios, a world-renowned fashion house that has been taking the fashion industry by storm since 1996.

We believe that every fashion enthusiast deserves to have access to the best clothing options the world has to offer, which is why we are proud to have Acne Studios clothing available at Twiggy.

Here are 5 reasons why you should buy your Acne Studios clothing at Twiggy:

Unbeatable selection

If you are looking for a wide range of Acne Studios clothing options to choose from, you have come to the right place.

At Twiggy, we offer an extensive selection of Acne Studios clothing for women, with a variety of styles, sizes, and colors available to suit your preferences.

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Competitive pricing

Acne Studios is known for its high-quality clothing, but that doesn’t mean that you have to break the bank to afford it.

We are committed to offering our customers competitive pricing on all of our Acne Studios clothing, so you can look and feel your best.

Exceptional customer service

When you shop at Twiggy, you can expect exceptional customer service from our knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Whether you need help finding the perfect outfit or have questions about sizing or availability, we are here to help you every step of the way.

Plus, the Twiggy online store is easy to navigate, making it easy to find what you’re looking for.

Fast and convenient shipping

At Twiggy, we understand that you want your new Acne Studios clothing as soon as possible, which is why we offer fast and convenient shipping options.

We offer worldwide shipping, so no matter where you are located, you can have your new wardrobe staples in no time.

Guaranteed authenticity

When you buy Acne Studios clothing at Twiggy, you can rest assured that you are getting the real deal.

We only sell authentic Acne Studios clothing, so you can trust that you are getting high-quality clothing that will last for years to come.

In summary, Twiggy is your go-to destination for Acne Studios clothing.

With an unbeatable selection, competitive pricing, exceptional customer service, fast and convenient shipping, and guaranteed authenticity, you can’t go wrong when you shop at Twiggy.

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So why wait?

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  • Unbeatable selection
  • Competitive pricing
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Fast and convenient shipping
  • Guaranteed authenticity

Acne Studios Online Shop : 5 Reasons to Shop at Twiggy

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Acne Studios fall winter 2023 show – Paris

The Women’s Acne Studios Fall Winter 2023 show in Paris: a celebration of growth and evolution. Models emerged from the darkness in earthy tones of green and brown inspired by decaying leaves and tree roots. Silhouettes in poisonous shades of acid yellow, toxic pink and bright blue appeared, accompanied by the sound of a live performance from avant-garde electronic composer Sarahsson.

Creative director Jonny Johansson:

“With this collection I was thinking about the dark winters we have in Sweden, where there are only a few hours of daylight. I wanted to capture the beauty of the darkness in both the collection and the set. Scandinavia is the kind of place where the city ends abruptly and then the pine forest begins. I’ve always enjoyed the contrast between urban life and nature, the idea that an infinite forest is just around the corner.

Acne Studios clothing: 7 reasons why it is unique for women

At Twiggy, we have always been committed to providing women with fashion pieces that are unique, timeless, and of exceptional quality.

This is why we are excited to introduce you to Acne Studios clothing, one of the most innovative and edgy fashion brands in the world.

Acne Studios has been defining Swedish fashion since 1996, with its disruptive, androgynous, and deeply personal style.

Let’s explore 7 reasons why Acne Studios clothing is a must-have for women who want to redefine elegance, comfort, and self-expression.

Uncompromising design philosophy

Acne Studios is not a fashion brand that follows trends or imitates styles.

Instead, its design philosophy is based on artistic experimentation, cultural influences, and personal experiences.

The brand’s founder, Jonny Johansson, describes Acne Studios as “a multidisciplinary house where everything is possible“.

This means that every Acne Studios clothing item is a unique expression of the designer’s vision, mood, and inspiration.

By wearing Acne Studios, you are not just wearing clothes but also embracing a creative mindset that challenges conventions and celebrates diversity.

Playful shapes and colors

Acne Studios clothing is known for its playful and unexpected shapes and colors.

From oversized coats to asymmetrical skirts to slouchy pants, Acne Studios pushes the boundaries of traditional silhouettes and proportions.

Moreover, the brand uses a rich palette of bold and muted hues, from candy pink to khaki to navy blue, that evoke different moods and personalities.

The result is a collection of clothes that are not only comfortable and functional but also fun and mood-lifting.

Focus on sustainability and ethics

At Twiggy, we believe that fashion should not compromise the health of our planet or the dignity of human workers.

That is why we are proud to stock Acne Studios clothing, a brand that is committed to sustainability and ethical production.

Acne Studios uses organic and recycled materials, reduces waste and emissions, and promotes fair labor practices in every step of its supply chain.

By choosing Acne Studios, you are not only supporting a great aesthetic but also making a positive impact on the world.

Versatile and layerable

One of the best things about Acne Studios clothing is its versatility and layerability.

Whether you want to dress up or dress down, combine different textures or showcase a statement piece, Acne Studios offers endless possibilities.

You can wear an Acne Studios t-shirt with a denim jacket, a flared skirt with a leather bomber, or a tailored blazer with sporty pants.

Moreover, many Acne Studios clothes are designed to be layered, such as oversized sweaters, long shirts, and flowing dresses, allowing you to experiment with new shapes and volumes.

Unisex appeal

Acne Studios clothing is not only for women but also for men who want to embrace a bold and unconventional style.

Many of Acne Studios clothes are designed to be unisex, meaning that they can be worn by anyone regardless of gender.

This is because Acne Studios believes that fashion should not be limited by gender norms but should be a means of expressing oneself freely and authentically.

By wearing Acne Studios as a woman, you are not just affirming your femininity but also challenging the binary categories that confine us.

Exclusive collaborations

Acne Studios is not afraid to collaborate with other designers, artists, or brands to create unique collections that combine different aesthetics and perspectives.

Some of Acne Studios’ most notable collaborations include a series of scarves with the artist Katerina Jebb, a capsule collection with the designer Jonny Negron, and a line of sneakers with the brand Fila.

These collaborations not only showcase Acne Studios’ versatility but also provide a platform for emerging talents and diverse voices.

Timeless investment pieces

Finally, Acne Studios clothing is a great investment in your wardrobe because it is designed to last and transcend seasons and trends.

Acne Studios clothes are made with durable materials, impeccable craftsmanship, and attention to detail that ensure longevity and versatility.

Many Acne Studios clothes are classics that can be worn for years without losing their charm or relevance.

Whether you are investing in a leather jacket, a midi dress, or a wool coat, you can be sure that Acne Studios clothing will never go out of style.

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Acne Studios clothing at Twiggy: the ultimate destination for fashion lovers

At Twiggy, we understand that fashion is not just about wearing nice clothes, but also about expressing your style statement and personality.

Our collection of Acne Studios Clothing is not just trendy but also unique and exclusive.

From contemporary designs to timeless classics, our range of Acne Studio Clothing is perfect for all occasions.

Our qualified fashion experts are always on hand to help and advise you on the latest fashion trends and styles so that you can make an informed decision.

  • Our collection is continuously updated to keep you up-to-date with the latest fashion trends.
  • Our clothing collection is made up of high-quality materials to ensure durability and long-lasting wear.

We at Twiggy are passionate about providing our customers with the best shopping experience, which is why we offer a seamless buying process, global shipping, and easy returns.

So, are you interested in flaunting the latest Acne Studios Clothing?

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